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TextEvaluator® Tool

TextEvaluator® Tool

Tune Your Text to Perfectly Connect With the Reader

The TextEvaluator® tool allows you to select and fine tune content to have the most impact on readers. Utilizing patented natural language processing methodologies, this comprehensive tool provides metrics that help you select, modify and deliver text that is specifically targeted for the reading level of learners and test takers.

The TextEvaluator tool automatically detects genre and evaluates aspects of content — including informational text, literary text and mixed text. You will be able to gauge what level of complexity your texts are at across genres, so you can provide an appropriate mix of content at the right level for the student. And because this innovative system has been built on extensive ETS research and rigorous evaluation procedures, you can trust the results.

How Can the TextEvaluator Engine Help You?

Deliver the right text for every reader

Deliver the right text for every reader.

The TextEvaluator tool gives you precise information on what aspects of the text are particularly difficult, so you can be sure the selected passage meets the reader at their level of proficiency. It also offers guidance on how to edit text so that it meets your goals of engagement with the reader.

Get more than a one-size-fits-all approach

Get more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

With automated genre detection and eight different measures and detectors of text complexity, the TextEvaluator tool allows you to determine an appropriate grade-level placement for a text and determine which sources of comprehension difficulty are likely to be most challenging within any specified text.

Experience precision and efficiency

Experience precision and efficiency.

Our color-coded component score classifications utilize patented natural language processing methodologies that allow publishers and test developers to quickly and efficiently determine which text passages may challenge reader comprehension.


See It In Action


"What we love about the TextEvaluator tool is its ability to provide us with detailed feedback on each and every one of our items of meaningful input, such as a reading article. By simply submitting a text into TextEvaluator, we’re able to find out everything about the text from its target grade level to vocabulary and sentence structure complexity."

- New Oriental Education and Technology Group

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