Henry I. Braun

Since 2007, Henry I. Braun has served as the Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

After serving as an assistant professor of statistics at Princeton University, Braun joined ETS in 1979. At ETS, he was the Executive Director of the Division of Statistical and Psychometric Research (1982-1990), Vice President for Research Management (1990-1999), and an ETS Distinguished Presidential Appointee (1999-2006).

Braun has published broadly on a range of subjects, including probability, statistics, educational measurement and education policy. His publications include the America's Perfect Storm report, released in 2007 by ETS's Policy Information Center. Braun was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1991. He also is a co-recipient of the 1986 Palmer O. Johnson Award from AERA and the 1996 Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution to the Field of Educational Measurement from the National Council for Measurement in Education (NCME).

Braun earned a B.S. (Hon.) in mathematics from McGill University and a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from Stanford University.