David T. Conley

David T. Conley conducts research on issues related to college readiness, college and high-school course content analysis, high school-college alignment and transition, and large-scale diagnosis and assessment of college readiness. His findings have been published in numerous journal articles, technical reports, conference papers, book chapters and books, including Who Governs Our Schools? (2003) and College Knowledge (2005). Conley's most recent book, College and Career Ready (2010) — which features case profiles of America's most college-ready high schools — informs policymakers, administrators, teachers, parents and students on how they can develop a culture rooted in postsecondary success.

Conley serves on numerous technical and advisory panels, consults with national and international educational agencies, and is a frequent speaker at national and regional meetings of education professionals and policymakers.

He received a bachelor's degree with honors in social sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, and earned his master's and doctoral degrees at the University of Colorado, Boulder.