Steven Robbins

Steven Robbins is Vice President of Research at ACT, where he leads the Education and Workforce Division's strategic, psychometric and reporting research agendas. He oversees several departments, including Validity and Policy Research, Psychometric and Measurement Research, Reporting Services, Survey Services and Career Transitions Research. He also teaches strategic employee development for the University of Iowa's College of Business MBA program.

Robbins is interested in the interplay of career, personality and cognitive factors as they affect education and work success. His most recent efforts include bringing the Personal Skills Assessment suite of products to ACT's WorkKey solution. He also led the team that built the Internet version of DISCOVER, a computer-based career guidance system, and he developed the Student Readiness Inventory, a measure of academic readiness for college, high school and middle school students.

Robbins was a professor and Chair of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has published more than 90 research studies, and was cited as 12th in contributions to counseling and career literature in the late 1990s.