Building Better Students: Preparation for Life After High School

Research Conference

This conference is sponsored by Educational Testing Service, the College Board® and The American Educational Research Association.

Despite the increase in educational research and the work being done by dedicated educators, the United States continues to fall behind in educational attainment and competency. If we are to remain a leader in developing a skilled workforce to compete in the global economy, steps must be taken to ensure high school students are prepared to succeed in college, at work and in life. This necessitates a focused dialogue among the nation's college and workforce readiness researchers, policymakers and educators with the specific goal of finding ways to create an educational system that "builds better students."

It stands to reason that any dialogue about college and workforce readiness must acknowledge two facets of competency:

This research conference will bring together world-renowned researchers and policymakers for an informed and candid discussion of how we, as a nation, can best build better students through four key educational areas:

This conference is being organized by Richard D. Roberts, Jeremy Burrus and Bobby Naemi of Educational Testing Service, and Krista Mattern of the College Board.

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