Building Better Students: Preparation for Life After High School

Research Conference


The last decade has seen an increase in the amount of educational research being produced to address college and workforce readiness. What has been missing from the educational landscape over this period of time is a focused dialogue among the nation's researchers, policymakers and educators — with the purpose of finding ways to create the best possible education system that "builds better students."

This research conference will bring together 21 acclaimed scholars who have conducted research from a variety of perspectives to improve our understanding of college and workforce readiness.

The conference will adhere to a carefully structured framework that will allow individuals to share ideas and focus on methods to improve readiness through four key areas:

By addressing college and workforce readiness through these four areas in both cognitive and noncognitive contexts, we hope to bring a broader range of perspectives to the question of building better students.

The objectives of the conference include:

College and workforce readiness is a critical issue that must be addressed if the United States is to continue as a global leader. In the words of President Obama, "So let there be no doubt: The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens — and my fellow Americans, we have everything we need to be that nation." (The New York Times, 2009).

The conference registration fee is $249.00 and includes:

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