Transforming America's High Schools

Nationally, fewer than 75 percent of high school students graduate — and graduation rates sink to 50 percent or below for African-American and Hispanic students. In certain high schools, graduation rates are as low as 35 percent. This comes at a cost, not only to students, but also to our society at large. Closing the achievement gap remains a national priority.

Institute for Student Achievement (ISA)

The Institute for Student Achievement (ISA), now a part of ETS, is working to help close the achievement gap. Led by Stephanie Wood-Garnett, its mission is to help transform public high schools so that students who are traditionally underserved and underperforming can graduate prepared for success in college. Together with ETS, ISA continues to reach thousands of underserved students and help them succeed in high school, college and beyond.

ISA knows that making a difference at the high school level is not too late. Even children without adequate support, students who are grade levels below their peers on entering ninth grade, can and will learn, grow and achieve in the right environment. ISA can help foster that environment with strong leadership; an intellectually challenging curriculum; an emphasis on teacher development; a safe, supportive school; adequate resources; and parental involvement. Learn more about how ISA can help improve graduation rates and student achievement.

An Educational Framework Grounded in Research

ISA uses a research-based educational framework to transform underperforming public high schools into rigorous and supportive learning environments that prepare students to be college-ready. ISA achieves these results through the implementation of a research-based model, implemented in partnership with schools and school districts. Learn more about ISA's research model and seven principles that lead to improved student achievement and increased graduation rates.

At ISA, student outcomes are the gauge for success — and studies show that ISA has significant impact on high school achievement metrics (AED, 2010) and that 94 percent of ISA students persist in 4-year colleges — a much higher rate than the nation as a whole. View studies that substantiate ISA's results.

Learn more about how you can become an ISA Partner school.

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