One Test for Many Visas

TOEFL® scores are accepted to fulfill the English-language requirements for Australian student visas, as well as Australian-sponsored and independent visa categories — giving you the opportunity to bring in the best talent from around the world.

Visa Categories

Australian-sponsored and independent visa categories include:
  • Skilled Migration
  • Post-study Work
  • Business
  • Permanent Residence
  • Work and Holiday
  • Temporary Work

TOEFL score requirements set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs for work visas are shown in the table below.

Score Requirements for Australia Work Visas

English-language Proficiency Level Test Component TOEFL iBT Score
Functional Total Score 32
Total Score: 35
Listening 4
Reading 4
Writing 14
Speaking 14
Total Score: 60
Listening 12
Reading 13
Writing 21
Speaking 18
Total Score: 94
Listening 24
Reading 24
Writing 27
Speaking 23
Total Score: 110
Listening 28
Reading 29
Writing 30
Speaking 26

Score Requirements for Professional Bodies

TOEFL score requirements for Australian professional bodies can be found in the Australian Skilled Migration FAQs (PDF).

Set Score Requirements

If your agency, professional body or other organization needs to set TOEFL score requirements for your applicants, visit the Setting Score Requirements page for information and tips. We also offer free standard-setting sessions upon request.

Verify Scores

The Online Score Verification Service (OSVS) allows you to verify TOEFL iBT ® scores provided to you by test takers.

If your company or organization will be receiving or verifying scores, you will first need to become an official TOEFL score user. Complete the application.

Once you become an official score user, contact Helen Cook, Client Relations in Australasia, to complete the registration process for OSVS.