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Center for Advocacy & Philanthropy

A tradition of giving

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Employee Engagement

ETS staff are always encouraged to volunteer and make a difference in their communities and CAAP plays an important role in encouraging and supporting ETS staff to contribute time, labor and money to the causes they care about.

Volunteering at ETS

ETS demonstrates its commitment to communities and employee engagement by providing every ETS employee with one paid day per year to spend on community-based projects. The ETS Volunteer Program facilitates staff in providing both skilled and non-skilled assistance to organizations in their communities that improve education, social services, health and wellness, animal welfare, and the environment.

Employee-giving campaign: ETS Cares

Our commitment to strengthening communities is also demonstrated in the annual employee-giving campaign, ETS Cares. ETS Cares is a monthlong campaign held in the fall that raises money for a variety of causes — from helping disadvantaged children to helping animals in need. ETS Cares allows employees to donate online to any 501(c) (3) charitable organization of their choice.

ETS Employees’ Community Action Fund

Employees have the opportunity to contribute to the ETS Employees' Community Action Fund (ECAF) (PDF) which supports scholarships and community-based projects selected by ETS staff. Projects have included:

  • constructing a Habitat for Humanity® house
  • creating Education and Technology Resource Centers
  • supporting a job training and career counseling center
  • issuing scholarships to nearly 200 students