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2017–2018 Presidential HBCU Scholarship Awards


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On-screen: [ETS®]

On-screen: [2017–2018 Presidential HBCU Scholarship Awards]

Speakers: Joy A. Applewhite, Alcorn State University, Senior, Psychology Major; Joel A. Goddot, Virginia State University, Junior, Computer Mathematics Major; Haleigh Hoskins, Spelman College, Senior, International Relations Major; Rachel E. Nelson, Morgan State University, Senior, History Major; Evan J. Pardue, North Carolina A and T State University, Junior, Biology Major; Wendena S. Parkes, Clafin University, Junior, Biology Major; Shani J. Mcmichael. Bennett College for Women, Senior, Psychology Major;

Joy Applewhite - Greetings to everyone at ETS. I am Joy Applewhite, a senior psychology major at Alcorn State University.

Joel Goddot - My name is Joel Goddot. I'm a junior at Virginia State University.

Haleigh Hoskins - Hi everyone, my name is Haleigh Hoskins, and I'm a graduating senior at the illustrious Spelman College, and I study international studies with a concentration in Spanish.

Rachel Nelson - My name is Rachel Nelson. I am a senior history major at Morgan State, home of the Bears, located at Baltimore, Maryland.

Evan Pardue - Hello, my name is Evan Pardue. I'm a junior here at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. My major is biology with an undergraduate research focus in redox biology.

Wendena Parkes - I'm Wendena Parkes, a senior biology major at Clafin University from Portland, Jamaica.

Shani Mcmichael - My name is Shani Mcmichael. I'm a senior psychology major, and I attend the illustrious Bennett College.

Evan Pardue - Being chosen as a recipient of the ETS Presidential Scholarship was impactful for me because, of course, it was able to lighten the financial load on me and my family.

Joy Applewhite - The impact of the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students has been phenomenal on my life. It has helped to cover the costs of tuition at my school.

Rachel Nelson - Without the ETS Presidential Scholarship, I would not have been able to graduate this upcoming spring.

Shani Mcmichael - The ETS Presidential Scholarship was the scholarship that gave me the financial freedom that I'm experiencing today.

Evan Pardue - It means a lot to me to know that there are people out there that understand and support my endeavors, and that was also one of the main reasons why I decided to come here and study at North Carolina A and T, because HBCU culture is one in that they facilitate and support student excellence and diversity amongst a wide variety of people in different backgrounds.

Joy Applewhite - I chose an HBCU because I felt like it was a community environment, everyone treated everyone like family, and I felt that was what I needed as I transitioned from high school to college.

Rachel Nelson - I wanted to attend an institution that was committed to educating black people, as well as cultivating a community within campus and with the surrounding community.

Joel Goddot - The education that I'm getting inspires me to solve problems that we are facing today, and start to improve lives.

Rachel Nelson - Since receiving the scholarship, I have begun looking for opportunities for other HBCU students, whether it be paid internships, summer research, opportunities or other scholarships, so that they can get the same access to opportunities I have had since I've attended Morgan.

Shani Mcmichael - I've been to various conferences that pertain to my field, and I’ve gotten so much exposure and network opportunities and connection just by being at an institution that is just rooted and grounded in supporting and uplifting young African-American women.

Joel Goddot - This summer, I will be working for IBM as a software developer. Then upon graduation, I will pursue my PhD in the field of machinery and artificial intelligence.

Shani Mcmichael - It is my goal to attain my master's in clinical psych, and from there, I would like to progress on to attain my PhD in philosophy.

Evan Pardue - Upon graduation, I would like to go into a PhD program and study evolutionary biology with a concentration in human genetics. I hope to open up my own lab and become a university professor.

Haleigh Hoskins - I hope to one day become a corporate attorney, and I actually have applied to a few law schools, so I'm kinda in the waiting process.

Wendena Parkes - I plan on enrolling in a cancer biology PhD program, and after completing that, I intend to get a job in academia, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Joy Applewhite - After graduation, I plan to attend law school, and I hope after graduating from law school, I can practice in the area public interest and criminal law, along with immigration law to eventually become a judge.

Joel Goddot - If I could see the donors of this scholarship, I would thank them for this generous financial assistance to my education.

Evan Pardue - And finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone at ETS for supporting me and bestowing upon me this great honor.

Wendena Parkes - Thanks for the ETS Presidential Scholarship. I am one step closer to my goal.

Haleigh Hoskins - ETS, thank you for all the donors, and just thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

Rachel Nelson - Thank you.

Joel Goddot - Thank you, ETS.

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