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2018–2019 Presidential HBCU Scholarship Awards


Video duration: 5:37

On-screen: [ETS®]

On-screen: [ETS® Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students 2018-2019.]

Speaker: Ariel Blakey - Hello, my name is Ariel Blakey and I am a senior Psychology major, Spanish minor from Silver Spring, Maryland and I proudly attend Spelman College.

Speaker: Arlette Hawkins- Hello, I am Arlette Hawkins, a senior Journalism and Mass Communications student with a minor in Spanish attending North Carolina A&T State University.

Speaker: Diane Ijoma - My name is Diane Ijoma. I'm a junior at Howard University studying Political Science with a minor in Economics.

Speaker: Makhaela French - It's Makhaela French. I'm a student at Norfolk State University, a junior in Political Science with a concentration in Constitutional Law.

Speaker: Margeaux Maledon - Hi, my name is Margeaux Maledon. I go to Huston-Tillotson University. I'm studying Business Administration and I'm in my third year.

Speaker: Mustapha Yoosuf-Akinlaja - Hello and good evening. I am Mustapha Yoosuf-Akinlaja. I am a junior at Grambling State University majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Computer Information Systems.

Speaker: Roshay Timmons - Hello, my name is Roshay Timmons. I attend the Central State University. I am a senior and my major is Manufacturing Engineering with a concentration in Mathematics.

Speaker: Tyler Binion - My name is Tyler Binion. I'm a Business Administration major and Entrepreneurship minor and a graduating senior from the illustrious Bennett College.

On-screen: [Why did you choose an HBCU?]

Speaker: Ariel Blakey, Psychology Spelman College - Spelman's promotion of excellence in high scholastic achievement drew me in but it's sisterhood and it's warm and nurturing environment is what kept me and I know without a doubt that choosing Spelman was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Speaker: Diane Ijoma, Political Science, Howard University - I chose to go to an HBCU because I wanted to attend an institution that had a legacy of producing Black Excellence.

Speaker: Makhaela French, Political Science, Norfolk State University - I love HBCU's because it has a sense of family, a sense of belonging, and care. And while we continue to make milestones, I am glad to be a part of this HBCU family that changes the world they lead.

Speaker: Mustapha Yoosuf-Akinlaja, Criminal Justice, Grambling State University - I chose to go to an HBCU because they spend decades forging institutions for people like myself and the inclusivity and diversity of the student and faculty body make HBCU's places where everybody is somebody.

Speaker: Tyler Binion, Business Administration, Bennett College - I wanted to attend and HBCU because I wanted to attend an institution where the curriculum and studies was based for people that look like me.

On-screen: [What impact did receiving this scholarship have on you?]

Speaker: Makhaela French - The ETS® Presidential Scholarship has impacted my life tremendously. It's allowed me to advance myself and my community as well as in my education. And it has helped me to surpass any boundaries or stereotypes given to me as a first generation college student.

Speaker: Arlette Hawkins, Journalism and Mass Communications, North Carolina A&T State University - I feel very blessed to receive this scholarship especially after spending an incredible semester overseas. The burning question when I returned to America was, "How will I pay for my last year of college?" And receiving this scholarship was the answer and blessing to that question.

Speaker: Ariel Blakey - Receiving this scholarship really reassured me that I am a qualified and competitive and high achieving student, and it's something that as I applied to graduate school is very, very timely and very, very welcomed.

Speaker: Mustapha Yoosuf-Akinlaja - The ETS® Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students has enabled me to deal with the with financial hassles that come with being from a low income family and a first generation college student. This scholarship has also enabled me to set an example for my fellow classmates and colleagues who come from similar backgrounds like myself that they too can attain this honorable distinction.

Speaker: Roshay Timmons, Manufacturing Engineering, Central State University - It has helped me advance my academic excellence and also helped me to participate and study abroad which gave me a chance to enrich my cultural experience.

Speaker: Tyler Binion - The ETS® Presidential Scholarship has literally changed my life and given me an opportunity to graduate on time despite the financial insufficiencies that I've dealt with in my personal life.

On-screen: [What are your future goals?]

Speaker: Ariel Blakey - I plan to obtain a clinical PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in pediatric health. Specifically I hope to practice as a clinical psychologist.

Speaker: Diane Ijoma - I'd like to work in foreign policy specifically dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa, its region and democratic transition as a topic. I would like to possibly enter the Foreign Service or maybe work in foreign policy through more of an advisory role.

On-screen: [Fulbright. University of East Anglia.]

Speaker: Arlette Hawkins - My next goal is to receive the Fulbright so I can study media overseas in the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom.

Speaker: Margeaux Maledon, Business Administration, Huston-Tillotson University - I want to go to law school and become an attorney because I really want to help other people.

Speaker: Mustapha Yoosuf-Akinlaja - I intend to pursue a legal education and, in fact, I am in the process of taking the law school exam as I would like to secure my spot at a reputable law school before I graduate from college. After I get my law degree, I intend to use it to further the cause of Africans, African-Americans, and the society as a whole.

On-screen: [Thank you ETS®!]

Speaker: Margeaux Maledon - So, thank you so much for the scholarship. I really appreciate it.

Speaker: Tyler Binion - Thank you ETS® Presidential Scholarship for changing my life. You've made my dreams come true.

Speaker: Ariel Blakey - I am truly grateful for this experience and for this award. Thank you so much.

On-screen: [Congratulations 2018-2019 ETS® Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students Award Winners.]

On-screen: [ETS® Copyright © 2019 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS ®and the ETS® logo are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS®).]

End of Video: ETS® Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students.