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2019–2020 Presidential HBCU Scholarship Awards


Video duration: 6:37

Briana L. Robinson: Hi, my name is Briana Robinson. I’m a senior, special education major at Norfolk State University.

Bria R. Savoy: Hello, my name is Bria Savoy. I attend Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carmen Elise Crusoe: Hello, my name is Carmen Crusoe. I am a senior, Africana studies and political science, double major at Howard University.

Chad M. Jones: Hi, my name is Chad Jones. I’m a junior, electrical engineering major, studying at Southern University, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jatelyn B. Wallace: My name is Jatelyn Wallace. I go to Jarvis Christian College. My classification is a junior. My degree of study is criminal justice.

Khalil D. Brooks: My name is Khalil Brooks. I am a current junior at Virginia State University, studying criminal justice, with two minors in sociology and political science.

Oluchi Chukwunyere: My name is Oluchi Chukwunyere, a junior, computer science student at the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University.

Thulani A. Vereen: Hi, my name is Thulani Vereen. I’m a senior, computer science major at Spelman College.

Briana L. Robinson: I didn’t necessarily choose to go to an HBCU. I always say an HBCU chose me. Alma mater means nourishing mother. I would really say that Norfolk State University has nourished me in more ways than just academically.

Bria R. Savoy: I knew it will allow me to find my purpose and help shape my identity.

Carmen Elise Crusoe: I chose to attend an HBCU because I wanted to attend an institution that recognized my humanity and to build community with bright, brilliant, like-minded scholars whose image reflected my own.

Chad M. Jones: I wanted to go to Southern University, not only for their prestigious electrical engineering program, but to gain new experiences, and experience a new culture.

Jatelyn B. Wallace: I saw Jarvis Christian College had a great criminal justice program.

Oluchi Chukwunyere: One of the reasons why I went to A&T was the community and those within the Aggie family. Once you step on campus, you can feel the Aggie pride.

Thulani A. Vereen: I’m a firm believer in the environment one studies having a tremendous impact on the way in which they perform in that environment. That has been proven true in my time at Spelman.

Briana L. Robinson: I’m working hard to create a legacy for my nephew. I will be the first woman in my family to graduate from college, and I want him to see that having a higher education is something that’s attainable for people in this family.

Bria R. Savoy: It reduced the amount of student loans I will have to take out, which reduced the financial stress and financial burdens. It also impacted me personally because it made me realize how my hard work is paying off and how I’m heading in the right direction for success.

Carmen Elise Crusoe: The full-tuition scholarship lifted a heavy financial burden, allowing me to enter into my senior year with the peace of mind, confidence, and an unrelenting focus on my academic studies.

Chad M. Jones: I’m very grateful to ETS for investing in my education because it allows me to focus on my academics and not on the financial burdens associated with college.

Jatelyn B. Wallace: It has shown me someone believes in me to reach my full potential in my grades by not having to worry about the financial struggles I would have in school.

Khalil D. Brooks: I am currently in my junior year, which is the most difficult year ever when you’re in school. Many people know, as a first-generation college student, I’ve always had to struggle with the financial needs that I could not meet while attending Virginia State University, having to take out loans every semester, having to worry about if I’m even able to continue to the next semester. Because of this scholarship, my junior year has been very successful.

Oluchi Chukwunyere: Because of this scholarship, it was able to remove the financial burden on not only me but my parents, giving me time to focus in on my passion, which is technology.

Thulani A. Vereen: It’s so difficult to commit so much time to applying to several different scholarships to cover tuition, and room and board, as I’ve done in the past three years. So, it’s been really amazing to know that my tuition is fully covered by the scholarship so that I can put my time into remaining in excellent academic standing.

Briana L. Robinson: I want to become a special education teacher and then go on to get my graduate degree and my doctorate degree, focusing my research on the emotional impacts that growing up in a low-economic community has on children.

Bria R. Savoy: To receive my PhD in psychology, to become a research neuropsychologist, where I plan on investigating how art enhances brain functioning and development.

Carmen Elise Crusoe: I’ll be attending graduate school, pursuing a doctoral degree in African-American studies, in order to become professor of this same field.

Chad M. Jones: Some postgraduate plans I have are to either go into oil and gas or into aviation. I can’t quite decide yet, but if electrical engineering is involved, you can count me in.

Jatelyn B. Wallace: To go on to Texas A&M Commerce and get my master’s degree in criminology. My plans after getting my master’s degree is to become a crime scene investigator. My ultimate goal, one day, is to be an FBI agent.

Khalil D. Brooks: Go to graduate school for public policy and study public policy, with a concentration in education reform.

Oluchi Chukwunyere: To obtain my MBA from an Ivy League.

Carmen Elise Crusoe: I am so honored to be a recipient of the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students.

Khalil D. Brooks: This scholarship had such a great impact on me and my studies. Every student I have the opportunity to tell, I tell them about the scholarship. Apply. Apply. Apply. You never know the doors that will open for you and opportunities that will come your way if you don’t apply. Everything about ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students was a great opportunity and a great impact towards my life.

Oluchi Chukwunyere: I really want to thank them for everything that they’ve done for me, thus far, and giving me the opportunity to put my HBCU on the map.

Chad M. Jones: Thank you.