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ETS® Cares Scholarships



Video duration: 7:05


ALANA HAMMOND Hi, my name is Alana Hammond and I am a junior psychology and mathematics double major here at the illustrious Virginia State University.

ALBERT JACKSON Hello, my name is Albert Jackson and I go to the Xavier University of Louisiana, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm a current junior here at Xavier.

ALEYAH GREER Greetings, I am Aleyah Greer. I'm from Broward County, Florida, and I'm a third year pre-pharmacy major attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

DOMINIQUE JACKSON Hello, my name is Dominique Jackson. I'm a senior, sports medicine major, chemistry minor from Washington, DC, and I attend the illustrious Howard University.

MIYA STAGGERS Hi, my name is Miya Staggers and I am a junior that attends Bowie State University.

ROSA ANTHONY Hello, my name is Rosa Anthony. I am currently attending Fayetteville State University as a senior. My major is sociology with a minor in psychology.

RUSHELL DICKERSON My name is Rushell LeShay Dickerson, a junior marketing major, minoring in mass communications, attending Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

VALERIE BOWNES My name is Valerie Bownes and I attend the illustrious Tuskeegee University as a golden tiger. I am a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in material science.


ALANA HAMMOND I like being at an HBCU because I can be truly myself without fear of judgment.

ALBERT JACKSON I chose an HBCU because this allowed me to foster and grow my gifts among groups of individuals who look like me. As well as being in a conducive environment with professors and the community that is seeking to uplift the Black community as a whole.

ALEYAH GREER I wanted to attend an HBCU because I wanted to get in touch with my heritage. And having to grow up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I didn't really get the chance to understand the community I come from.

DOMINIQUE JACKSON I would say that it has always been a goal of mine to attend an HBCU, because I understand that HBCUs were created for students like me. To create a safe space for us to learn and a welcoming and supportive environment. I myself am a third generation Howard Bison, so it has been a dream of mine to not only be able to attend, but graduate from Howard.

MIYA STAGGERS Education has always been important to me from a young age. And as an African-American woman, I decided to further my education at an HBCU.

ROSA ANTHONY As a first generation college student that is attending an HBCU, I can connect to people who are similar to myself, and are willing to assist me to achieve my academic and professional aspirations.

RUSHELL DICKERSON I chose to attend Claflin University because it's a home away from home feeling. The teachers, the faculty, staff, and as well as the students. They always want to see you succeed, and they're always goes to help you.

VALERIE BOWNES I chose to attend an HBCU for three reasons. The rich culture, support, and network. I admire how people take pride in their institutions. Whether that is brand paraphernalia, sharing their wonderful experiences, or letting you know why attending an HBCU was the best decision they ever made. Support, knowing that you have a family to support you no matter what, and that they want you to be your best self. And last but not least, networking. Knowing that you can participate in wonderful organizations, and that they can lead you to opportunities that will help you to be successful in the future.


ALANA HAMMOND Receiving the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students has allowed me to stay in an environment that helps me to grow intellectually, and emotionally mature into the person I am destined to be. Without worrying about the financial burdens that college typically brings.

ALEYAH GREER The impact that ETS Presidential Scholarship had on me helped tremendously. Because growing up in a household with a younger sibling for my mother to take care of, also with her being a single parent, really helped take the financial burdens off my shoulders.

DOMINIQUE JACKSON I can now focus on studying for my DAT, and finishing my dental school applications, without the stress and toll of worrying about how I'm going to pay for my tuition and graduate. And for that I'm eternally grateful.

MIYA STAGGERS So this ETS scholarship is so beneficial for me because it allows me to not think so much about the financial side of my academic career, and focus on the more the academic side of my career.

ROSA ANTHONY Receiving this ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students not only lift the financial burdens of my academic studies, and spending more time with my family, but it gives me hope that opportunities are endless.

RUSHELL DICKERSON This scholarship has had a tremendous impact by releasing the financial burden that I have on myself. And it is also bringing me closer to that goal of graduating debt free.

VALERIE BOWNES Receiving the ETS Presidential Scholarship has allowed me to further my education and experience at this University, stray away from student loans and debt, and also inspired me to give back to HBCU students one day.


ALANA HAMMOND In the future, I plan to attend graduate school, and then to pursue a career in the psychometrics field.

ALBERT JACKSON Upon graduating I plan to attend a four year medical college as I pursue my passions into becoming a surgeon and a doctor.

DOMINIQUE JACKSON Because this scholarship, I'm now able to put 100% focus into my post-graduation plan of attending dental school, and pursuing my lifelong goal of becoming an orthodontist.

MIYA STAGGERS My long term goal is to achieve business ownership. Also, to be able to have a business, and going back into my community, and providing jobs within my community.

ROSA ANTHONY My dream is to someday become a counselor to assist families. By concentrating on challenges that we face in today's society.

RUSHELL DICKERSON Upon graduating college, my future plans are to become an author, a marketing manager, a realtor, an entrepreneur, as well as a public speaker.

VALERIE BOWNES I plan to intern for an engineering company over the summer of 2022, and hopefully work for them after graduation. I will also like to go back to my community and provide job opportunities, and also inspire the youth to attend HBCUs as well.


RUSHELL DICKERSON Once again, thank you for seeing potential in me, and selecting me as a recipient for the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students.

ALANA HAMMOND Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

ALBERT JACKSON And I want to say I'm greatly humbled, and I thank you for allowing me to be a recipient for the ETS Presidential Scholarship for this year.

ALEYAH GREER I also wanted to thank you for choosing me as a recipient for this scholarship.