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HBCU Highlights



Video duration: 7:38

Adaeze Eze: Hi, my name is Adaeze Eze and I am a senior premedical biology student from Prairie View A&M University.

Cassondra Hanna: Hello, my name is Cassondra Hannah. I'm a senior history major African American studies minor at Fisk University.

Grace Martin: Hello, my name is Grace Martin. I'm a senior criminal justice major. I'm proud to attend West Virginia State University.

Hadiyah Cummings: Hello, my name is Hadiyah Cummings and I'm a recent graduate of Howard University from Conway, AR. This past December I received degrees in political science and criminology.

Joseph Dye: Hi, My name is Joseph Dye, and I am a senior marketing major at Oakwood University.

Mychala Walker: Hello, my name is Mychala Walker and I'm a junior political science student at Virginia State University.

Nailah Barnes: My name is Nailah Barnes and I'm a junior at Spelman College.

Zaniya Caine: Hello, my name is the Zaniya Caine and I'm a senior at North Carolina Central University, majoring in business Administration with a concentration in financial analytics.

Adaeze Eze: One thing I love about my HBCU and the reason why I came to Prairie View A&M University was because of the supportive staff and faculty members, and students and university as whole. And the love that they give to one another. And I also love the opportunities that they provided to their students.

Grace Martin: I chose an HBCU because I wanted a diverse experience with people who constantly teach me something new. I love that HBCUs promote inclusion and respect the differences in individuals.

Hadiyah Cummings: I decided to attend an HBCU because of the advice that someone gave me once before. They stated that you have your whole life to be a minority. Why wouldn't you want to spend the best four years of your life not being one? My experience at Howard has been just that. I've been provided with a place where I'm not only able to thrive and learn with my peers, but be in a supportive environment as well.

Joseph Dye: Going to an HBCU has been a life changing experience. I think that going to an HBCU gives you a sense of confidence that you wouldn't have otherwise. And it just taught me to be proud of who I was. It taught me more about the culture from Africa to where we are now, and I just felt that overall it was a great experience and definitely changed my life.

Mychala Walker: I chose an HBCU because, it's a part of my family's legacy. My mom went to an HBCU. I have plenty of family that have gone to HBCUs around Virginia. And it just seemed like a perfect fit to follow in their footsteps.

Nailah Barnes: In many ways, my decision to attend Spelman College was set in motion even before I was born. My mother is a proud Spelman alumna, and she and her best friends from Spelman, who are now my aunties, have modeled for me what it means to be a Spelman woman from the very beginning of my life.

Zaniya Caine: I decided to attend an HBCU due to the cultural experience I knew I would gain. Most of my life, I attended predominantly white institutions where I didn't really feel included. Coming to an HBCU, I feel nothing but inclusion. I feel as though I have been set-up to succeed and interact with like-minded students who have the same experiences as me.

Adaeze Eze: I've been impacted by the ETS presidential scholarship for HBCU students this year because this scholarship has helped me to focus on my education and to focus on my extracurricular activities without having to worry about the financial burdens of a tuition.

Cassondra Hanna: I and a lot of other students this year were faced with a lot of difficult choices. This award however, has greatly enabled me to actually make some of those decisions, and what was in my best interest, and not my best economic interests. It allowed me to focus on this education, focus on applying to graduate schools that I could pursue that next step in my education. In conclusion, I am not sure that I would have been able to graduate this year without the access and the opportunity that having received this award I have gained and I have been provided courtesy of the Educational Testing Service.

Grace Martin: Receiving the ETS presidential scholarship has eliminated a financial burden I've felt in past years. I am able to focus more on my academics without the burden of how I'm going to pay for school.

Hadiyah Cummings: I am so thankful to have been awarded the ETS HBCU presidential scholarship because for the first time in my entire collegiate career, I didn't have to take out any student loans, and this is especially important to me considering my long-term career goals.

Mychala Walker: The ETS presidential scholarship for HBCU students paid for the majority of my bill at Virginia State University and allowed me to not have to worry about financing school for the entirety of my junior year.

Nailah Barnes: This scholarship was such a blessing for my family and I as we weathered the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ETS presidential scholarship has helped ensure that I am not shackled by student loan debts when I graduate from Spelman and can lift my wings and soar.

Zaniya Caine: Receiving this scholarship has been a huge confidence booster. It has motivated me to not only succeed academically, but to continue my ongoing campus initiatives.

Adaeze Eze: When I graduate, I look forward to going to medical school to become an OBGYN, and also do research for postpartum depression with women's health.

Grace Martin: My future goals include obtaining my master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration at West Virginia State University and later applying to work for the FBI.

Hadiyah Cummings: In the fall, I'm excited to attend law school and I have the long-term aspiration and goal to become a public defender.

Joseph Dye: When I graduate from Oakwood University, it is my goal to go to law school to become a lawyer, and then after that I want to start an advertising firm that specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies pair their brands, with social justice initiatives to help corporations who might not be as familiar with certain issues, be able to partner with nonprofit organizations to create meaningful ads that both help the company but also help the nonprofit organizations achieve awareness.

Mychala Walker: My future plans as of now are to go to a graduate program and study either political science or international relations.

Nailah Barnes: I hope to continue on and earn both a master's degree and Ph.D. I will study Africana studies, art history and international affairs.

Zaniya Caine: Ultimately, after graduation I will be starting at Cisco® as a financial analyst. I am super excited for this.

Joseph Dye: And so overall, I just want to give a huge thank you to ETS for making opportunities like this possible for investing in my future and in the future of other people just like me.

Grace Martin: Thank you ETS. I'm beyond thankful.

Hadiyah Cummings: Thank you.

Nailah Barnes: Thank you so much.

Zaniya Caine: I would like to thank ETS for their continued support. I really appreciate it.