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[00:00:00.00] Logo, two dots circle each other and then explode into the E T S logo, the letters E T S in a half white and half yellow circle.

[00:00:07.25] Text, E T S Presidential Scholarships for HBCU Students, 2022-2023. The students' photographs in circles surround the words. The students all speak in front of a neutral background.


[00:00:11.09] AERIN CUFF: Hello. My name is Aerin Cuff. And I attend the illustrious Virginia State University. I am currently a senior psychology major and English minor.

[00:00:20.51] CHRISTINA JONES: Hello. My name is Christina Jones. And I'm a senior criminal justice major at the illustrious Hampton University.

[00:00:27.26] DANIA PATTERSON: Greetings. I am DaNia Patterson, a third year architecture and construction science management dual major at the Tuskegee University.

[00:00:35.39] DOUGLAS BURNETT: Hello. My name is Douglas Burnett. I'm a graduating senior, political science major minoring in sales and sociology on the pre-law track at Morehouse College.

[00:00:45.53] RABIA CHAUDHRY: My name is Rabia Chaudhry. And I am a junior nursing major at the illustrious Morgan State University.

[00:00:51.62] SYDNEY NELSON: Greetings. My name is Sydney Nelson, a senior elementary education major for grades K through 6 with a concentration in English from the Jackson State University.


[00:01:01.67] Text, Why did you choose an HBCU? Aerin Cuff, Virginia State University, Psychology.


[00:01:05.09] AERIN CUFF: I chose to attend an HBCU because I wanted to surround myself with people who have similar background, experiences, and aspirations as I do, as well as continuing the HBCU legacy my family has built.




[00:01:18.89] CHRISTINA JONES: Attending an HBCU was never a question, seeing as I came from two HBCU parents. I chose to attend an HBCU because I wanted to study alongside students who look like me and receive an education tailored to the Black experience.




[00:01:34.88] DANIA PATTERSON: I chose to further my education at an HBCU because I wanted to gain knowledge about my field from experts that have a similar background as me. I also chose to attend an HBCU for the learning environment and the family-like atmosphere.

[00:01:51.08] DOUGLAS BURNETT: I'm exceptionally grateful for the opportunity in which Morehouse College has afforded me to not only grow, but also to develop into a socially conscious person that can lead and change lives. In addition, Morehouse College is known for producing the world's most African-American male attorneys.




[00:02:10.73] RABIA CHAUDHRY: I chose to attend an HBCU, Morgan State University in specific, because when I stepped foot onto the campus my senior year, it felt like home, the culture, the people that I receive. The national treasure of Morgan State University is truly unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of.

[00:02:34.73] SYDNEY NELSON: I did come from a smaller PWI back at home. And I chose HBCU because I didn't feel comfortable there. I feel more comfortable here in my HBCU. I feel like I have a voice here in my HBCU. I feel like I'm more represented here.



[00:02:52.94] What impact did receiving this scholarship have on you?


[00:02:54.78] AERIN CUFF: Receiving the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students has allowed me to continue my educational journey without worrying about the financial aspects of attending a post-secondary institution typically brings to students.

[00:03:07.92] CHRISTINA JONES: I first want to say thank you so much to ETS for awarding me the ETS Presidential HBCU Scholarship. Because of the scholarship, I'll be graduating from Hampton University in May of 2023 debt free.

[00:03:21.18] DANIA PATTERSON: Receiving this ETS Presidential Scholarship has allowed for my confidence to grow and knowing that others believed in me enough to invest in my journey in completing my goals and aspirations.

[00:03:34.32] DOUGLAS BURNETT: This award has afforded me the opportunity to no longer worry about the financial hardships that comes along with your collegiate education. Instead, I have been afforded the ability to develop my personal portfolio as I work to submit my applications to law school in pursuit of becoming a civil rights attorney.

[00:03:53.88] RABIA CHAUDHRY: For me, receiving the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students brought great financial relief onto the semester. And that relief held strong throughout the semester. I didn't have to worry about getting an email from the bursar's office stating that my classes were in danger of being dropped.

[00:04:11.76] SYDNEY NELSON: As I am a first gen student, as I am at out-of-state student, the tuition and fees do become a burden. And this scholarship took that weight off my shoulders tremendously. And I'm very thankful for that.


[00:04:24.16] What are your future goals?


[00:04:28.24] AERIN CUFF: After receiving my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend graduate school to receive a degree in applied developmental psychology. I want to use my degree to assist at risk populations, alternative schools, and out-of-school programs while still promoting positive and effective interventions for children and adolescents.

[00:04:47.11] CHRISTINA JONES: Upon graduation, I plan to work in the juvenile justice system as either a probation or parole officer, or go into social work.

[00:04:55.99] DANIA PATTERSON: After graduating Tuskegee University, my plan is to continue my education and obtain a master's degree in urban planning to help gain the necessary knowledge to ensure my professional goal of building affordable living spaces for disadvantaged communities is met.

[00:05:14.53] RABIA CHAUDHRY: After graduation, I plan to attend Johns Hopkins University for their DNP PhD program in order to continue my higher education in nursing.

[00:05:24.31] SYDNEY NELSON: My plans and goals after graduation, I plan to attend grad school fall of '23 to pursue my master's in school counseling.


[00:05:33.47] THANK YOU.


[00:05:36.43] AERIN CUFF: Once again, I would like to say thank you for choosing me as a recipient for the ETS Presidential Scholarship for HBCU students. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.

[00:05:46.93] CHRISTINA JONES: Thank you so much ETS again for awarding me this scholarship. I'll forever be grateful.

[00:05:52.10] DOUGLAS BURNETT: Thank you so much for this opportunity.

[00:05:54.77] RABIA CHAUDHRY: Thank you.

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[00:05:56.53] Fireworks go off. Text, Congratulations to the 2022, 2023 Recipients of the E T S Presidential Scholarship for HBCU Students.

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