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Diversity: A Commitment to Our Mission

At ETS, we believe that a diverse staff promotes the range of viewpoints and perspectives that best serve test takers and score users and supports our mission to advance quality and equity in education for learners worldwide, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our executive leadership and Board of Trustees have demonstrated their commitment to diversity as a strategic asset through policies and practices that ensure ETS’s services, products, programs and outreach initiatives embrace differences relating to race, ethnicity, age, culture, gender, faith, national and regional origin, disability, sexual orientation, family status, educational level and background, and employee status and function.

ETS is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. View ETS's Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Policy.

From ETS President and CEO Walt MacDonald

To our employees, customers and communities: DIVERSITY MATTERS TO ETS!

Equal opportunity is at the heart of ETS. We were founded in 1947 on the principle that all learners should have a chance to improve their prospects through education, regardless of their background or circumstances. That commitment to diversity is fundamental to our mission, and creating and maintaining a diverse staff is one way in which it is expressed.

A diverse staff is also an important business value for a company that operates in 180 countries. Our products and services aim to meet the needs of test takers and score users of every conceivable circumstance and background. And so we work hard to attract, hire, develop and advance diverse professionals — diverse not only in such outward respects as race and ethnicity, but also with regard to diversity of thought.

Diversity of thought has proved to be a winning approach for ETS and for our employees. It helps foster a work environment that stimulates dialogue, encourages 360-degree problem solving, enriches creativity, promotes collegiality and interaction among colleagues across work areas, and creates a productive, welcoming atmosphere. It is one of many reasons to consider a career or internship at ETS.


Walt MacDonald
President and CEO

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