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AP® Scoring Opportunities


Advanced Placement® (AP) Readers evaluate and score AP students' free responses, ensuring that high school students receive AP grades that accurately reflect college-level achievement in a specified discipline.

Each year in June, high school teachers and college faculty from around the world gather across the United States to participate in locations onsite, as well as to score online from home. During the AP Reading, Readers will:

  • exchange ideas and experiences, as well as build friendships with a network of high school teachers and college faculty.
  • score exam responses from AP high school students, with opportunities to score exams online from home.
  • learn to apply a rubric consistently, which provides valuable knowledge for scoring their own students' essays back in the classroom.
  • get compensated $30/hour for training and scoring. Expenses, meals, and lodging are also covered for Readers who travel to a Reading site.
  • earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs).
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Reader positions are available based upon test-taker volumes. Submitting an application does not automatically constitute your employment as a Reader. ETS (Educational Testing Service) reserves the right to withdraw an invitation prior to the scheduled AP Reading session based upon business needs.

Note: If your application has been approved and you were hired by ETS within the past 6 years with an active status, or you are currently an existing AP Reader with an active status, there is no need to reapply. To check your status please contact

AP Readers will score student responses at Reading sites and from home. All onsite Readers must be able to work at the Reading event for 7 consecutive days. Readers scoring from home can work flexible schedules during the 7-day Reading period; however, they must attend mandatory training on the first day of the event.

Qualified applicants in subjects with a high need for Readers have a greater likelihood of being invited to the Reading event in the year they apply.

It is not unusual to be invited to the Reading event in one year and not the next, especially in subjects where the Reader pool is deep. New or existing AP Readers in subjects with deep Reader pools may have to wait several years before receiving an invitation to the Reading.

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