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Frequently Asked Questions About the AP® Reader Application Process

I've submitted an application to become an AP Reader. Why haven't I heard anything?

Please check your spam folder for an email from All applicants are sent an acknowledgment notification that we have received your application. If you are approved, you will sign an offer letter. Once you sign your approval/offer letter, you will receive access to your onboarding portal to begin the onboarding process. In the onboarding portal, you can review your profile and complete your other required onboarding documents. You will not be placed in the pool of eligible Readers for your subject until you complete the onboarding process.

To help ensure you receive emails from us, please add these addresses to your email address book, contacts and/or "Safe Senders" list:, and

What do I need to include in my application in order to be considered for AP?

Please be sure to include the following:

  • CV/Resume that highlights your most recent teaching experience in chronological order.
  • Syllabus with your name, the course title and the name of the institution and the year(s) in which you have taught the course. Your syllabus must contain elements that align with school/district guidelines. It is not required to be as detailed in its learning objectives, but it must have a regular schedule of assignments and assessments. Also, the syllabus is not required to be AP course audited if you are Higher-Education faculty.

Please fill out the questions on the application in its entirety and as thoroughly as possible.

What is the review process for an AP Reader application?

  • When your application is complete, i.e., uploading your resume and course syllabus (including instructor name, contact information and regular schedule of assignments/assessments), along with the questions, your application will be reviewed for eligibility.
  • Upon passing the first level of review by the AP Recruiter, your application is then reviewed by the Chief Reader.
  • If your application is approved by the Chief Reader, you will receive an approval letter, outlining next steps for the completion of your new hire paperwork from

What is the status of my AP Reader application?

The AP Reader application has two main sections: (A) My Info and (B) Programs.

Under My Info there are seven sections that must be completed:

  1. resume
  2. contact
  3. application
  4. employment
  5. education
  6. EEO
  7. disclaimer

Note: On completion, find a program to apply under (B) Programs.

Completed applications are processed in the order they are received. In some subjects, the Reader pool is so large that the review time may take up to four weeks.

If you have questions regarding the status of your Reader application, please contact

When can I expect to hear whether or not my AP Reader application is approved?

When you complete your application, you will receive an email from us informing you that your application has been received. Due to the volume of interest and program needs, the application review and approval process can take up to four weeks to complete. After this time, approved Readers/Raters/Scorers will receive an offer letter via an email from If your application is not approved, you will receive notification via an email from

Why was my application “not approved?”

ETS receives many applications from quality candidates. Regrettably, we cannot accept all applicants. The guidelines for approval to score AP Exams are stringent and there are many reasons why an application may be not approved. For example:

  • You are not currently affiliated with an educational institution (i.e., high school, college or university).
  • You are not currently teaching the college course comparable to the AP course (as described in its Course Description booklet) for which you applied to serve as a Reader.
  • You are not currently teaching the AP course for which you applied to serve as a Reader.
  • You currently have not completed two years of classroom teaching experience in the AP course for which you applied to serve as a Reader. To meet the qualification, your second year must be completed at the time of your application. Most schools end between May and June.

Please consider reviewing our Scoring Job Opportunities page for other possible Rater positions.

I have previously scored for ETS. Do I need to submit any paperwork?

If you previously scored for ETS and still have outstanding incomplete paperwork, our Human Resources Onboarding Team will contact you for the completion of any missing documentation. It is important that you complete and electronically sign requested documents as soon as possible.

What happens after I complete all of my new hire paperwork including Form I-9?

When all of your paperwork has been received and processed by the Human Resources Onboarding team, you will receive two final emails with your username and password, giving you access to the Employee Self-Service Portal. If you recently scored or currently score for ETS, you can use this link: Then select “Profile & Payroll” to access the Employee Self-Service Portal. Also, your name will be added to the pool of qualified Readers for your subject. If you are selected to attend the Reading, you will be contacted by the Scoring and Reporting Operations Department starting January through May.

Am I guaranteed an invitation to an AP Reading?

No, invitations to a Reading are not guaranteed. The AP Program is committed to ensuring that as many education professionals as possible get to participate in the AP Reading. It is not uncommon to be invited to the Reading in one year and not in the next year. Declining or not receiving an invitation in the current year has no impact on a Reader's eligibility for the next year and Readers remain eligible to be invited.

I am an existing Reader and would like to switch from my current AP subject. What do I do?

AP policy allows Readers to participate in and be active in one subject area at a time. If you are interested in additional roles within the AP program, you have to remove yourself from your current subject in the Employee Self-Service Portal. Please email, or call toll free 1-855-U-ASK-ETS (1-855-827-5387). Please follow Option 2, followed by Option 2 again, and then, Option 5.

I am an existing Reader/Rater/Scorer. How do I update my personal information?

The Employee Portal is a self-service online tool, allowing employees the ability to update records on their own. Please access the Portal to update your personal information. Please be sure you are accessing the correct link,, and your cache has been cleared. The “Profile and Payroll” tab will lead you to the Oracle® page. Click on the “Main Menu” tab, then “Self-Service,” then “Personal Information.” You should be able to update your information under the “Personal Information Summary” tab.

If you experience difficulties with accessing the system, please call 1-855-U-ASK-ETS (1-855-827-5387). Please follow Option 2, followed by Option 2 again, and then, Option 5. You may also request assistance by sending an email to One of our Technical Support team members will assist you with your username and password.

Is this a full- or part-time position?

Readers are considered as variable employees. The AP Reading is held once a year in June for seven days.

I have a question concerning payroll and general taxation?

Please call 1-855-U-ASK-ETS (1-855-827-5387). You will be prompted to press 3 for our taxation area.

Can I score outside of the United States?

No, scoring outside of the United States is not permitted. All Readers participating in online scoring programs must perform their work within the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. Readers must have authorization to work for remuneration in the United States.

Do you sponsor work visas for AP Readers?

Limited work visa sponsorships are available for AP Readers. International Readers short-listed by the Chief Readers are submitted into an annual H-1B lottery conducted by the USCIS from which further selections are made.

I walked away from my computer and my application shut down. What should I do?

  • It is important you DO NOT create another profile.
  • Please go back to the ETS website.
  • Click on the link "Careers," then "Scoring Job Opportunities."
  • Click on the “Submit a Job Application” option.
  • Log in using your username/email ID and password.
  • For additional help, click on the LiveChat® option located at the bottom of the page on the right side.
  • If you do not remember your information, click on the "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Username/Email" links.

I received a request to submit personal documents via LawLogix™. Is it secure?

LawLogix is our third-party vendor, used to support completion of documents via an e-signature. LawLogix has comprehensive and fully audited policies to ensure that your documents remain secure, confidential and enforceable. In addition, LawLogix ensures that the signer's identity can be authenticated. ETS makes every effort to protect the privacy and security of employee data.

I have completed my New Hire Packet and Employment Eligibility Form (Form I-9). Can you please confirm receipt?

After you have electronically signed all of your paperwork, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you have completed the hiring process.

If you think this communication will go to your spam folder, please search for an email from the email address

Why isn't my Form I-9 complete?

It could be that your remote agent has not completed Section 2. Please consider the following steps before completion:

  • After completing Section 1, you should receive an email containing the instructions for Section 2. Click on the link and add your remote agent's contact information. Email if you did not receive this email.
  • Once that step is completed, a remote agent will receive an access code to complete Section 2 of your Form I-9. Please be ready to meet with the remote agent, present your original document(s) and complete Section 2.

Who is my remote agent?

  • Your remote agent is anyone you select who can attest to the fact that the documents that are being presented to ETS are true and authentic.
  • ETS, as the remote employer, cannot be in your presence and examine the documents. Therefore, we are instructed to ask that someone do it on our behalf. We grant you the ability to select this person because we do not have an active ETS person accessible to you.
  • When the remote agent completes Section 2, their address will be listed as an ETS address because the remote agent has agreed to complete this process on our behalf.

Why hasn't my remote agent received my documents?

  • Please confirm that the email address of your remote agent is the email that you entered.
  • Some email servers mark the email as spam due to the content of the email. Please have your remote agent check their Spam or Junk mail folder for the following email address: If your authorized representative is unable to locate the email in their Inbox or Spam folders, please let the ETS sender know.