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Frequently Asked Questions About Scoring from Home

Readers can score exams online from their home or office during the same timeframe in which other colleagues are scoring exams at a Reading site. To find out when your subject's Reading will take place, visit the AP Reading Calendar.

Readers scoring from home can work flexible schedules during the 7-day Reading period; however, they must attend mandatory training on the first day of the event. During the invitation process, at-home Readers are asked to indicate the number of hours they plan to work each day during the Reading event.

Please navigate to the “My Registration” page on the Reader Registration website and click on the “Cancel Registration” button to fill out the cancellation form. If you are unable to cancel your registration by following this process, please notify ETS at as soon as possible. Failure to inform us may result in your removal from the active Reader pool.

Readers must own a PC (not Chromebook™ or tablet) or Mac® computer with a reliable internet connection to score using the online system and must have access to a phone that can make and receive calls while you are connected to the internet. A printer is also recommended. At home scoring requires an internet speed of at least 2 Mbps for non-video scoring and at least 5 Mbps for responses that contain videos.

No, scoring outside of the United States is not permitted. All Readers participating in at-home scoring programs must perform their work within the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. Readers must have authorization to work for remuneration in the United States.

System and content training occur at the beginning of the first day of the Reading. Depending on the subject, initial training may take a full day and can be either self-paced or conducted via teleconference or online seminar by a Scoring Leader. All Reader training is conducted using online documents and sample student responses.