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Online Scoring

The Online Network for Evaluation (ONE) is ETS’s proprietary software application that enables Raters to score test-taker responses and/or other submitted work via secure internet access. Raters typically score from their homes or offices, in accordance with ETS guidelines. Online scoring sessions may occasionally be conducted at regional sites.

The process for each testing program includes:

  • System Training — using online learning modules and quick reference guides. This training is generic and does not need to be repeated for each program or test.
  • Content Training — using online training sets or possibly scored on paper.
  • Certification — after completing the required certification test(s) online with successful results.
  • Scheduling — certified Raters enter their availability for open scoring sessions via the ETS online scheduling system. Schedules are confirmed by ETS based on the overall availability of Raters and scoring volumes. This process is also used to schedule prospective Raters for training and certification.
  • Calibration — most programs require Raters to take calibration test(s) daily prior to scoring.
  • Scoring — using online scoring application with access to prompt support materials.
  • Mentoring — on prescribed application of rubrics and testing program standards is provided by ETS Scoring Leaders throughout each scoring session via online feedback and other means of communication.

To certify and score using the ETS Online Scoring system, prospective Raters must have computer equipment that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.