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Foci of CBAL® Research

The CBAL® Initiative's research centers on the creation of new knowledge and capability in multiple areas. Some of those areas are listed below, followed by representative publications:

Domain theory describing what it means to be competent in a subject-matter area and how that competency develops

Theory for summative and formative assessment

The design of innovative assessments to measure competency in the English language arts, mathematics and science

The analysis of innovative assessments based on learning theory

New approaches to automated and human scoring of performance tasks

Reporting of results from innovative assessments

View a comprehensive list of publications related to the CBAL initiative.

Promotional Links

ETS Research Forum: Paul Deane

ETS Research Form: Paul Deane video

Learn about the CBAL Language Arts learning progressions and their relationship to the Common Core State Standards (Flash, 4:49).

The CBAL Research Program: Overview

The CBAL Research Program: Overview Video

Get an overview of the CBAL research program, including how the CBAL assessment prototypes are being used in the classroom (Flash, 8:02).