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On Affirmative Action

Access to a quality education is built into the fabric of the American dream. While talent is evenly distributed, access to opportunity has not been. For more than 60 years, affirmative action has provided access to higher education for millions. It is an important component of building campuses that look like America. It is a crucial component in breaking down the systemic generational barriers that have disproportionately affected underrepresented communities. As we await a U.S. Supreme Court decision on affirmative action, I am deeply concerned that the very students’ futures who are at the center of this decision are underrepresented yet again. Changes to affirmative action could harm well-deserving students across the country. It would create obstacles in college admissions for future leaders in business, politics, science, academia and the arts. This runs counter to who we are as a country.

Education is key to America’s future. When more people — no matter their background — have access to quality higher education, we all stand to benefit. The time is now for our political, judicial and business leaders to put the future of our children front and center. Access to a quality education impacts us all.