Contact a Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS) Representative

Potential CTAS test centers

If you have questions about becoming a CTAS test center, please view the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

For additional inquiries, please contact a CTAS representative at

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If you’re a test taker, please contact customer support for your testing program.

Existing CTAS test centers


Who you'll contact depends on the issue with which you need assistance.

For help with: Email:
  • changing your mailing or shipping address
  • adding or canceling a test date
  • changing a test administration start time
  • IDs left at the test center by candidates
  • adding or reducing workstations
  • adding a new lab
  • moving a test center
  • determining why your test center is on hold
  • administering other ETS internet-delivered tests
CTAS Capacity Management
  • test center payments
  • other financial information
CTAS Financial Team:
  • logging in to TC Portal
  • requests for more Confidentiality Statement Return Envelopes
  • equipment replacements or additions
iBT Governance Team:
  • software/hardware issues on workstations, administration stations and cache proxy (and copy
  • add new Test Center Administrator (TCA) or Proctor to test center


For any other issues not listed above, please contact a CTAS representative at