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R&D Consulting Services provides equity focused psychometric services, research and training to help with your measurement and learning needs. Learn more about ETS R&D Consulting Services.

When available, we offer free PDFs of research publications. You can download them directly from the research abstract pages located in the ETS ReSEARCHER database. If a PDF is not available for download, please complete a form to request a printed copy (PDF). Email the completed form to

When submitting a request for data, clearly indicate the objectives and significance of your study. All requests will be given careful consideration and will be evaluated in a timely manner.

Make sure to review the data request guidelines and permissions (PDF) prior to submitting your request.

If accepted, you will be required to sign a licensing agreement1 before the data can be released, and you will be assigned both an ETS program and a research contact person. For federally funded grants, the contact will be the Principal Investigator.

If the result of your research using ETS data produces a publication that resides, or will reside in the public domain, it is subject to review prior to publication. Additionally, ETS requires that your ETS research contact person retain a copy.

Note: All requests for data from College Board® programs, such as for the SAT® and the SAT Subject Tests, should be submitted directly to the College Board.

1 For more information about ETS licensing agreements, please visit Permissions Use on the ETS Legal Website.

To order a hard copy of this kit, please fill out the order form (PDF), which also contains information about the kit and a licensing agreement.

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