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The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service

More teaching. Less correcting.

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About the Criterion Service

The Criterion Online Writing Evaluation service is a valuable, time-saving, web-based instructor-led writing tool. The Criterion service:

  • gives students unlimited opportunities to practice their writing independently without adding to instructor workload
  • allows instructors to concentrate on the content and the style of their students' work and teach higher-level writing skills
  • provides administrators with customizable, in-depth reports that allow them to easily monitor district, school and classroom writing performance

Helpful features

The Criterion service offers a full suite of useful features, including:

  • immediate, automated scoring and diagnostic review
  • a Peer Review Tool that lets peer groups view and comment on each other's work
  • in-depth, customizable student and group performance reports
  • more than 400 topics at various skill levels in the Criterion library for instructors to choose from
  • access to multiple editions of A Writer's Handbook (elementary through college level/several languages)
  • unlimited, 24/7 access from school, home or anywhere there is an internet connection
  • alignment to Common Core State Standards


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