On Test Day

What You Must Bring

  • Your printed admission ticket. You will be asked to enter your Admission Ticket Number on your answer sheet during the test.
  • Your Social Security number or taxpayer identification number (card is not required).
  • Acceptable identification: "Acceptable" means a current school- or government-issued ID that includes a photograph or physical description written in English, and your full legal name. Note: The name on your photo ID must match the name entered on your EPT/ELM account in the online registration system.
    • Acceptable ID:
      • current driver's license with photo
      • current school ID card with recognizable photo
      • valid passport with your signature and current, recognizable photo
      • a document on your high school's stationery bearing your name and a brief physical description in English (height, weight, age, sex, eye color and hair color). You must sign this document in the presence of your principal or school counselor, who also must sign it. You may be asked to sign this ID form again at the test center.
    • Unacceptable ID:
      • Social Security card
      • credit card, including one with a photo
      • parent's driver's license
      • birth certificate, including wallet-size birth certificates
  • Several No. 2 lead pencils with erasers: It is your responsibility to bring No. 2 pencils to the test center and to make certain you understand and follow the directions for completing your answer document. Responsibility for accurately scoring your test(s) can be accepted only if your answer sheet is completed according to directions.

Optional Items

  • a watch (without audible alarm)
  • a bag or backpack (must be kept on the floor under your chair)


  • cell phones, smartphones and other electronic devices
  • personal digital assistant (Blackberry, Sidekick, Palm)
  • calculators
  • books
  • rulers
  • papers of any kind
  • recording or photographic devices
  • food or drink (unless your IEP or 504 Plan requires it)
  • smoking

Please note: To assist with test security some test centers limit what can be kept with the test taker while at the test center. Your admission ticket will list additional items that are not permitted at the test site.

* Students found with any of these items will be dismissed and their scores will be canceled.

Test Room Regulations

You may not bring a cell phone, smartphone, personal digital assistant (PDA), calculator, camera, laptop, iPad®, tablet computer, e-reader or pager into the testing room. Books, rulers, papers of any kind, and recording or photographic devices are not allowed in the testing room. You will be dismissed and your scores will be canceled if you are found with these items. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the buildings.

You will be dismissed from the test or your scores will be canceled if you:

  • work on one section of the test during the time allowed for another section
  • use notes or any of the prohibited aids
  • give or receive help during the test
  • attempt to take the test for someone else
  • fail, after being warned, to follow the test supervisor's instructions
  • cause undue disturbance
  • attempt to copy test materials
  • remove test materials from the room.

Test fees will not be refunded if you are dismissed or your scores are canceled due to misconduct.

ETS and CSU reserve the right to cancel any test scores if the test taker engages in misconduct or if there is a testing irregularity.

When you are taking the test, be sure to mark your answers on the answer sheet and not in the test book. You may use the test book for scratch work, but you will not receive credit for any responses written in it. Both the EPT and ELM are scored according to right answers only, so there is no penalty for guessing.

If you have to leave the room briefly during the test to use the rest room, you must have the supervisor's permission. Only one person at a time is permitted to leave the test in order to use the rest room. You will not be permitted to make up the time you lose. Please note, if you are caught using a cell phone or electronic device during a break or trip to the rest room you will be dismissed or your scores will be canceled.

All testing irregularities, as well as test scores believed to be earned under unusual or nonstandard circumstances, are routinely reviewed.

If you wish to register a comment or complaint about either test conditions or a test question, you may do so with the test supervisor after the test. The supervisor will report your comment on an irregularity form, and it will be reviewed.