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ETS Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS)

Certify Your Test Center to Deliver ETS Tests

Facilities that have completed the Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS) certification process are approved by ETS to deliver a number of ETS-sponsored tests. CTAS test centers provide our test takers with more opportunities for success. By offering ETS-sponsored tests, your test center is broadening the academic future of candidates worldwide.

The Benefits of CTAS Certification

CTAS supports internet-based testing, which is designed to capture speech and score responses in an efficient, standardized and fair manner. Internet-based testing also lets ETS increase the number of test centers, providing more location options to test takers. With CTAS certification, your institution is able to:

  • attract new students
  • lead the way in internet-based testing
  • promote international education
  • provide a valuable student service
  • gain access to ETS products

How Does an Organization Begin the CTAS Certification Process?

Complete the online application form. A representative will guide you through the certification process. See certification process timeline.

What ETS-sponsored Tests Do CTAS Test Centers Deliver?

The following tests are available at CTAS test centers:

ETS Preferred Network

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Establishing Secure Test Centers

The ETS Office of Testing Integrity constantly monitors testing, investigates security issues and conducts unannounced audits. Test center applicants receive an initial pre-qualification review to determine if the facilities meet security and CTAS technical requirements, and to obtain verifiable references.

  • ETS uses the same internet security protocols as those used by major financial institutions for their secure transmissions. The communication channel uses state-of-the-art encryption, and our software is able to detect whether a transmission was altered or disrupted.
  • Test content that is downloaded to a test center computer is encrypted and cannot be accessed until the actual test administration begins.

ETS conducts announced and unannounced audits of test sites, as well as visits by mystery shoppers, to observe and confirm that ETS standards are being applied properly at test centers around the world.

For additional security questions or concerns, please contact us at or call the Security Hotline at 1-800-750-6991 (United States) or +1-609-406-5430 (all other locations).

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