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Welcome to the Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS) Website

Are you interested in completing the CTAS certification process? We’re here to help you!

Follow the below instructions to get started. If you need assistance along the way, feel free to contact us.

Getting Started

Review the steps to become a CTAS.

Review the Timeline

Get a better understanding of how long the application process may take.

Fulfill the Requirements

Make sure you meet the CTAS technical, facility and staff requirements.

Complete the Application

Complete your online application form, then wait for us to contact you with next steps.

The Benefits of CTAS Certification

By offering ETS-sponsored tests, your test center is broadening the academic future of candidates worldwide and offering them more opportunities for success. With CTAS certification, your institution can:

  • attract new students
  • lead the way in internet-delivered testing
  • promote international education
  • provide a valuable student service
  • gain access to ETS products

The following tests are available at CTAS test centers: