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Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS)

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CTAS Certification Process Timeline

Organizations and institutions must successfully complete vetting and four phases to become a certified CTAS test center. Once you complete your application, an ETS representative will contact you with more detailed information as well as instructions for each phase.

Vetting (5 business days)

  1. Provide digital photos of your testing facilities.
  2. Review and confirm testing room requirements.
  3. Provide references for your institution.
  4. Confirm test site contacts, address and lab locations.
  5. Confirm the computers in the lab meet ETS specifications (PDF).

Phase 1 (3 business days)

  1. Authorize use of LOGMEIN Support Tool.
  2. Review the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  3. Agree to compensation.

Phase 2 (10 business days)

  1. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions Agreement, a legal agreement between ETS and your institution.
  2. Complete the tax document.

Phase 3 (15 business days)

  1. Complete the payment setup (funds can only be paid via ACH/Wire Transfer).
  2. Receive equipment delivery and proceed to setup.
  3. The Test Center Administrator (TCA) and Proctor training and requirements include:
    • enrollment in Test Center Portal
    • staff confidentiality agreement
    • online training
    • required per lab ratio:
      • 1–25 examinees require two staff members (one TCA and one Proctor)
      • 26–40 examinees require three staff members (one TCA and two Proctors)
  4. Perform and successfully complete technical readiness of computers.

Phase 4 (1 business day)

  1. Select test administration.
  2. Receive CTAS official trademark guide (logos and marketing guidelines provided).

Take the first step to becoming a CTAS by completing an application form.