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CTAS Technical Requirements

Computer Requirements

  1. Administrative Station: Required for image capture, candidate check-in and other administrative tasks.
  2. Cache Proxy (or Internet Authentication Service (IAS) local server): This pc is required for storing test delivery information and temporary storage of candidate results.
  3. Testing Stations: Required for delivering tests (one testing station per candidate).

Required Operating Systems and Browsers for ETS Internet-Delivered Testing (iBT)

  1. Operating Systems
    1. Windows® 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  2. Browsers
    1. You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer® (IE) v10, v11 or Edge.
  3. Notes
    1. The operating system should reside on, and boot from, the computer's local hard disk. Virtual machines and thin clients are not supported.
    2. Macintosh® or iMac® are not supported or approved for use with test delivery on the TOEFL iBT® platform.
    3. Microsoft® Server Operating System or Linux® are not supported.

Local Area Network (LAN) and Internet Connectivity

Cache proxy, administrative and testing station computers should:

  1. Reside on a LAN in the same subnet to allow communication between test delivery applications without blocking of any ports.
  2. Be connected to the internet via a broadband internet connection with a minimum download speed of 4Mbps and upload speed of 1Mbps.
  3. Allow test delivery applications accessing TCP port 80 and 443 (more detailed technical requirements and whitelist information available in the Technical Configuration section).

Specifications for Administrative and Testing Stations

  1. Minimum Processor: Benchmark: 4000. Refer to the Passmark CPU Benchmark values.
  2. Minimum Installed Memory: 4 GB
  3. Minimum Free Memory: 1 GB
  4. Free Disk Space: 2 GB
  5. Display Adapter: 1024x768 resolution, with 32-bit color depth/65,536 colors
  6. Display Monitor: Widescreen monitors must support an aspect ratio of 4:3
  7. Display Monitor Screen Size: LCD/LED 15-inch or higher
  8. Sound Card: 44.1 KHz (or better) sample rate

Specifications for Cache Proxy (or IAS Local Server) Computers

  1. Maximum number of concurrent test takers: 40
  2. Minimum Processor: Benchmark: 4000. Refer to the Passmark CPU Benchmark values.
  3. Minimum Installed Memory: 4 GB
  4. Minimum Free Memory: 2 GB
  5. Minimum Free Disk Space: 5 GB

Technical Configuration

Test center technicians must review the technical configuration requirements and guidelines to ensure that they can configure the test center network and desktop environment for internet test delivery.