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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at ETS

Creating a Culture of Belonging


ETS Business Resource Groups

Operating under the ETS Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), we have seven Business Resource Groups (BRGs) aligned to our mission of advancing equity and creating a culture of belonging throughout the organization.

Our four pillars

Each of our BRGs is built around the following pillars.

  1. Career: Support the professional growth and development of BRG members.
  2. Culture: Promote an equitable, inclusive and supportive workplace culture for all employees.
  3. Community: Engage BRG members in community service to promote social responsibility.
  4. Commerce: Support the business goals of the organization through BRG initiatives.
ABLE logo

ABLE (Celebrating the Abilities of Everyone)

Mission Statement:

To build and promote a supportive and affirming community that leads ETS’s commitment to equality and inclusion for individuals with disabilities by:

  • providing actionable opportunities, education, resources, advocacy, recognition, communication and advancement
  • informing accessibility policy within ETS and throughout the global education community

Vision Statement:

Creating an inclusive organizational culture by understanding unique abilities and the potential of people.

AVID logo

AVID (Asian and Pacific Islander Voices for Inclusivity and Diversity)

Mission Statement:

To engage and empower Asians and Pacific Islanders and all other voices at ETS to promote growth and success at ETS by:

  • increasing awareness of our diverse cultural perspectives
  • strengthening positive workplace connections

Vision Statement:

In the pursuit of inclusivity, positivity, empowerment and opportunities.

BOLD logo

BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership Development)

Mission Statement:

To cultivate an organizational environment that:

  • highlights, bridges and informs our community
  • provides equitable opportunities for growth, development and retention
  • strengthens the workplace and community

Vision Statement:

Where every voice is heard and valued.

iRISE logo


Mission Statement:

  • To engage, empower and advance the next generation of leaders within the organization by being a resource and space for discussion
  • To build and provide guidance to promote career development and growth while cultivating innovative perspectives in ways that support the employees, the community and the organization.

Vision Statement:

Cultivating growth, innovation and continuous transformation for the next generation of rising professionals as leaders.

LGBTQ+ logo


Mission Statement:

To build and promote a visible culture that leads ETS’s commitment to LBGTQ+ equity and inclusion by providing actionable opportunities for education, support, recognition, communication and advancement within ETS and throughout the global education community.

Vision Statement:

Setting the standard for LGBTQ+ inclusion, equity and fairness in education while creating a culture of respect, understanding and visibility at ETS.



Mission Statement:

To bridge the gaps to equality by uniting and empowering the Latino Community to develop an environment in which expertise and contributions are recognized.

Vision Statement:

Reconociendo el valor latino

Acknowledging Latino value

V-ETS logo

V-ETS (Veterans at ETS)

Mission Statement:

To support and empower veteran employees by:

  • fostering a sense of community
  • providing resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • advocating for the unique needs and perspectives of veterans at ETS

Vision Statement:

To be an employee veterans’ group recognized for its commitment to helping to create a supportive and inclusive workplace for veteran employees, and for its contributions to the broader veteran community by empowering veterans to achieve their full potential.

WISE logo

WISE (Women Initiating Success for Everyone)

Mission Statement:

To promote strategies and initiatives providing more equitable opportunities for women to achieve both professional and personal goals that enable ETS to achieve its mission.

Vision Statement:

Empowering, supporting and elevating each other to continuous growth and success.