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Disabilities and Health-related Needs

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Disability Documentation

ETS is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to test takers with disabilities, and the documentation provided by evaluators is vital to the process of determining what reasonable accommodations are for an individual test taker.

See detailed Documentation Guidelines:

The above pages (with the exception of ADHD, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Intellectual Disabilities) also include a quick reference guide for the documentation policy statements. These provide a summary of each statement and some basic guidelines for gathering documentation specific to that disability or condition.

Tele-assessment guidance

We recognize that multiple situations may make it difficult for test takers to participate in an in-person evaluation and that tele-assessment may provide a reasonable and more accessible alternative. This Tele-assessment Guidance (PDF) is intended to help test takers and evaluators in instances when tele-assessment may be appropriate. This guidance should be used in conjunction with the above Disability Documentation Guidelines for the particular disability or disabilities for which the test taker is seeking accommodations.