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ETS Assessment Services

Measure what’s important to drive better outcomes.


Licensing and IP Catalogue

Leverage our expansive intellectual property (IP) to drive growth for your new products. Our IP catalogue offers a range of capabilities to enhance the educational and workforce products and services you provide your customers or members. As an ETS assessment client, you can: 

  • Incorporate official content from our global brands into test preparation programs, targeted learning, English-language learning programs and more.
  • Use our ready-made, web-based and printed products for English-language skill building, test preparation and automated scoring.
  • Benefit from the versatile range of capabilities for educational material developers we cultivated from decades of natural language processing research.

In many cases, you can add ETS solutions to your portfolio through the implementation of an API. Each offering in the catalogue carries ETS quality and brand recognition.


Contact Us

Contact us about next steps on how to collaborate with ETS Assessment Services. If you’re a test taker looking for testing information, contact your testing program.

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