Expect more from your Educator Assessment Program

Redefining the Standard for Educator Assessment

Educators affect thousands of students over a lifetime and help to inspire tomorrow's leaders. Trusted by approximately 40 states and territories, The Praxis Series® assessments are the national leader in educator assessment, offering unparalleled portability among states. ETS has solid expertise in customizing assessments to meet individual state requirements.

With more than 90 educator assessments, ETS covers all of your state licensure needs. We're the only organization that can assess every educator role in your district, including superintendents, principals, teachers and teachers' assistants.

The map below shows our breadth in national educator licensure and certification coverage for Praxis® assessments and custom state assessment solutions.




The Praxis Series® Assessments

Used in approximately 40 states and territories for licensure and certification, The Praxis Series assessments are the standard for hundreds of colleges and universities.

Custom State Solutions

Rely on our extensive expertise to help develop and launch customized state-level testing to meet the specific needs of your state.

Best Practices for Developing an RFI/RFP

Get tips for comparing licensure assessment programs and learn how to craft an RFI or RFP that meets your licensure needs.

Effectiveness and Innovation

Our goal is for every classroom to experience quality instruction, and our research is focused on the development of measures of effective teaching.


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