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National State Solutions

ETS provides an end-to-end array of assessments covering state licensure needs from preservice teachers to superintendents. ETS assessments lead the nation in educator assessment and offer exceptional portability among states.

Developed by practicing teachers and higher education professionals, the ETS licensure assessments are built to align with current national standards and are regenerated to meet emerging state needs.

Praxis® Tests

The most extensive national set of content and pedagogical tests for teacher licensure, the Praxis® tests offer unmatched coverage and portability. Learn more about the Praxis tests.

ETS® NOTE Assessment Series

A first of its kind, this standardized performance assessment series for licensure allows teacher candidates to demonstrate their ability to translate knowledge and skill into effective teaching practice. Learn more about the ETS® NOTE Assessment Series.

ProEthica® Program

This online educator ethics training and assessment program helps educators develop an understanding of professional ethics and the risks inherent in the teaching profession. Learn more about the ProEthica® program.

ParaPro Assessment

This assessment is designed to certify paraprofessionals based on their knowledge and skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Learn more about the ParaPro assessment.

School Leadership Series

These assessments provide evidence of relevant knowledge, skills and abilities in principals and superintendents. Learn more about the School Leadership Series.

ETS® Performance Assessments

These portfolio-based assessments provide valuable evidence of a teacher’s, school leader’s or teacher leader’s knowledge and skill. Learn more about the ETS® Performance Assessments.

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How ETS Approaches Testing

Read about our commitment to innovation and quality in assessment development.