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Research and Development

ETS leads innovation in the field of educator assessment and certification by:

  • partnering with states and associations to develop the standards needed to identify classroom leaders
  • conducting the research necessary to demonstrate teacher effectiveness


Using Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) to Gain Deeper Knowledge of Specialized Skills

Together with colleagues from the University of Michigan, ETS research scientists and assessment experts have worked to develop, research and refine assessments focused on the knowledge that teachers need to effectively engage in critical tasks of teaching: Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT). Built on 25 years of research, CKT is emerging as a powerful tool for measuring the content knowledge used in teaching.

Diversity Teacher Research Initiative

Diverse and qualified educators are critical to K–12 students' success. ETS recognizes the need to support the growth and diversity of future educators, which is why we are leading initiatives that seek to improve understanding around key education and pipeline challenges that our clients face today.

Download the Diversity Teacher Research Initiative flyer

How Teachers Teach: Mapping the Terrain of Practice

How Teachers Teach: Mapping the Terrain of Practice identifies the main competencies, knowledge and skills necessary for responsive and effective teaching and proposes a competency framework that divides teaching into two main domains: instruction and professional responsibilities.

Read the paper


Collaborating to Develop Fair and Valid Assessments

ETS collaborates with education practitioners throughout the country using a multistep test development process that:

  • builds validity evidence at every step
  • ensures the test is measuring the elements of knowledge and skill essential for beginning teachers

Learn more about how ETS’s uncompromising commitment to quality, fairness and validity has shaped the assessment development process.

Download the Test Development flyer

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How ETS Approaches Testing

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ETS Policy and Research Reports

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