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Custom Assessments

ETS offers custom assessment solutions that combine ETS’s world-class research and psychometric expertise with elements of our product portfolio. ETS’s custom assessment solutions include:

  • large-scale assessments
  • customized tests
  • operational outsourcing
  • consulting
  • research cooperation

As an advisor to governments, corporations and educators throughout the world, ETS and ETS Global subsidiaries help create and manage all aspects of custom assessment solutions that reflect local cultural and linguistic practices. Our services include:

  • assessment planning and development
  • administration
  • test publishing
  • test security
  • scoring and reporting
  • data analysis

Building to Your Specifications

By applying an Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) model for test development, ETS custom assessment solutions provide accurate, reliable and usable data for decision making, including:

  • student academic achievement
  • secondary-school completion and postsecondary readiness
  • national achievement levels
  • adult literacy
  • student learning outcomes
  • teacher licensure

We collaborate with teachers and outside researchers during the test-design process to ensure that our assessments provide valid, reliable measures of students' strengths and weaknesses.

We help educators interpret assessment data in order to build student aptitude, develop local assessment expertise and establish a system for long-term student improvement.

Contact Us

Contact ETS to find out how a custom assessment solution can meet your goals and requirements.