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Test Prep Resources for Grad School

You’ve decided that you’re going to graduate school, which means that more likely than not a standardized test is in your immediate future. No matter which tests you take, the most important thing you can do is prepare ahead of time.

How should you prepare for a test?

Taking advantage of the many test prep sites and courses, taking practice tests and studying on your own are good places to start. There are two categories of test prep:

  • preparation materials and practice tests provided by the makers of the test on their websites
  • intensive courses, self-study, practice tests and one-on-one tutoring offered by private companies

Choosing which one is right for you is about knowing what kind of learner and test taker you are.

Practicing through test websites

Most test websites offer test prep resources, many of which are free. It might be wise to start there, see what is helpful and then move on to private tutoring and prep companies if you want more in-depth assistance. The websites for the GRE® tests, the GMAT™ exam, the LSAT®, the MCAT® exam, the DAT® and the TOEFL® tests all offer tips and practice tests for test takers to explore and study with.

Practicing through test prep companies

If you decide to go with a test prep company, do your research. Most companies have different packages that offer various services and costs depending on one’s needs and budget. Make sure you research verified user reviews and the Better Business Bureau to ensure a company has a good reputation and success rate before you sign up for anything. Enlisting recommendations from friends, co-workers or professors is also helpful in finding the right prep course for you.

Preparation is key

Whichever test you take, remember that preparation will give you the best shot at a good score and ease some of your inevitable test-taking anxiety. This will afford you the most advantageous position as you embark on your grad school application process and secure your future career opportunities.