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Using GRE® Scores for Employment Decisions

The GRE® Program is conducting a three-year pilot program, which began in December 2012, whereby GRE test takers are permitted to send their official GRE scores to employers. This three-year period will evaluate the use and role that GRE scores play in employment decisions and provide the GRE Program with an opportunity to determine whether or not there is evidence to support the use of GRE scores for employment purposes.

As an employer, you may receive GRE scores from applicants who feel that this information will add value to their application. We have created this website to help you learn about the GRE tests, skills assessed, test content and design, score scales, and the appropriate use of scores.

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GRE Guide to the Use of Scores

GRE Guide to the Use of Scores PromoLearn about the appropriate uses of GRE scores.

Using GRE Scores for Employment Purposes

Review important information for consideration in the use of GRE scores by employers.