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General Information

  • GRE Program Brochure — Provides an overview of the tests and services available from the GRE® Program.
  • GRE Guide to the Use of Scores — Provides GRE score interpretation data and statistical information, including percentiles, concordance information, reliability coefficients and standard errors of measurement.
  • GRE Guidelines for the Use of Scores — Provides information about the appropriate use of GRE test scores for those who use the scores in graduate admissions, fellowship selection processes and other approved purposes.
  • A Balanced Approach to GRE Score Use — Presents analyses based on examinees who took the GRE® revised General Test that show how adhering to a particular cut score policy can lead to systematically disregarding large numbers of candidates in various subgroups (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender).
  • GRE General Test Volumes by Country
  • What Is the Value of the Graduate Record Examinations®? — Addresses the value of standardized tests and provides evidence that the GRE® General Test is a valuable instrument when making admissions decisions.

GRE® revised General Test Interpretive Information
(for tests taken on or after August 1, 2011)

GRE® General Test Interpretive Information
(for tests taken prior to August 1, 2011)

GRE® Subject Tests Interpretive Information

Validity and Other Topics



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