Business Schools: Maximize Your Recruiting Reach — Tell Your Prospective Applicants You Welcome GRE® Scores

Now you can have an even bigger, more diversified pool of highly qualified applicants when you accept GRE® scores as part of your recruitment and admissions strategy. Whether you're recruiting for your MBA program or other graduate business programs, let your applicants know that you welcome GRE scores — it is a powerful way to attract those who have taken a decisive step toward pursuing graduate or business school and who are focused on advancing their careers.

Make sure your applicants find you on the official list of more than 1,000 business schools that accept GRE scores for their MBA programs. If you're not already receiving official GRE scores, get started today!

Expand Your Applicant Pool with GRE Test Takers Worldwide

Here's why accepting GRE scores makes good business sense:

  • You get more highly qualified, highly diverse applicants for your business school. Potential applicants come from a variety of backgrounds in terms of nationality, ethnicity, gender, age and undergraduate major. And you can reach GRE test takers directly using the GRE® Search Service.
  • The GRE® revised General Test measures the skills that business schools value — quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing. It also measures the same level of math knowledge as other leading graduate admissions tests, presents many questions in a business context and does not presume advanced knowledge in any specific content area, including business.
  • As the world's leading educational measurement and research organization, ETS is committed to ensuring the trusted reliability, security and validity of our test scores. For more than 60 years GRE scores have been a proven measure of graduate-level skills and GRE tests are supported by ETS's ongoing commitment to validity research.

Prospective Applicants Want You to Accept GRE Scores

That's because GRE test takers know that the GRE revised General Test:

  • features a test-taker friendly design for a better test experience
  • provides the ScoreSelectSM option so they can decide which GRE scores to send to the schools they designate
  • is accepted by thousands of graduate and business schools around the world, giving them even more advanced-degree options
  • is offered at more locations than any other graduate admissions test — about 700 test centers in more than 160 countries
  • is more affordable and includes FREE services such as test prep, a listing in the GRE Search Service and four ETS® Personal Potential Index Evaluation Reports

Accepting GRE scores can mean more applicants and more diversity for your business school. Be sure your prospective applicants know you welcome GRE scores.

Becoming a Score Recipient

Becoming a GRE score recipient is easy, and even easier if your institution already accepts GRE scores for master's and doctoral programs. Simply complete the online application. If you have questions, contact a GRE Academic Advisor.

GRE Comparison Tool for Business Schools

Compare GRE and GMAT® scores with the GRE Comparison Tool for Business Schools.

GRE Score Interpretation Information

ETS provides information on the scoring process and interpretive data to assist graduate and business school programs in using scores for admissions purposes. See Score Interpretation.

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