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GRE® Prepaid Voucher Service

ETS offers prepaid vouchers for institutions and organizations that wish to pay GRE® test fees on behalf of sponsored test takers. Institutions and organizations can order and prepay for vouchers which they then distribute directly to their applicants. Vouchers carry the name of your organization and are valid only during the testing year in which they are ordered (July 1–June 30). The vouchers cover the test registration fee, as applicable. All other fees, services and publications are not covered.

GRE® General Test:

US$230 — Test Registration Fee in Australia
US$220.70 — Test Registration Fee in China
US$220 — Test Registration Fee in Nigeria
US$255 — Test Registration Fee in Turkey
US$205 — Test Registration Fee in all other areas of the world

GRE® Subject Tests:

US$150 — Test Registration Fee

If you would like to order prepaid vouchers, complete and submit the Prepaid Voucher Form to GRE Institutional Services. If you have questions, please contact GRE Institutional Services:


See the 2017–2018 GRE® Information Bulletin, for more information on how students can register for the GRE General Test or Subject Tests using the voucher.

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