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Customize Your Search Using the Criteria Important to You

When you tap into the GRE® Search Service database of 500,000+ individuals from around the world who have already taken a decisive step toward pursuing an advanced degree, you can select from these criteria to expand your prospect pool or precisely segment based on the characteristics you seek:


  • Gender
  • U.S. citizenship status
  • Ethnic background (U.S. Citizens only)
  • Country of citizenship
  • Native language


  • World region
  • Country
  • State or province (United States/Canada only)
  • Geotarget using the Google Maps mapping service
  • Postal code
  • State of permanent residence (United States only)

Educational/Employment History

  • Current educational level
  • Undergraduate major field
  • Post-graduate full-time work experience

Educational Objective/Intent

  • Graduate degree objective
  • Enrollment preference: full-time or part-time study
  • Intended graduate major field
  • Preferred region of study
  • Program format: online or on campus

Academic Performance

  • Self-reported overall Undergraduate Grade Point Average (UGPA)
  • Self-reported UGPA in major

Academic Performance — Enhanced Insight

  • GRE® General Test
    • GRE Verbal Reasoning score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Verbal Reasoning score bands with UGPA in major
    • GRE Quantitative Reasoning score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Quantitative Reasoning score bands with UGPA in major
    • GRE Analytical Writing score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Analytical Writing score bands with UGPA in major
  • GRE® Subject Test
    • Score bands with overall UGPA
    • Score bands with UGPA in major


  • GRE test date range
  • Planned date of enrollment

Exclusion Options

  • Do not have an email address
  • Have reported GRE scores to your institution
  • Have been sent to you in a previous order

The GRE Search Service database includes email, postal mail and telephone contact information so you can reach out to individuals according to your preferences.

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