GRE® Services

ETS offers a variety of services to support institutions that accept GRE® scores, including:

GRE® Search Service

The GRE Program brings you the GRE® Search Service — a powerful, one-of-a-kind database of individuals from around the world who have taken a decisive step toward pursuing an advanced degree. You can use this cost-effective service to reach prospective applicants who have demonstrated graduate-level readiness through their GRE test performance and create a more powerful recruitment strategy. Request access today!

Promote Your Recruitment Events

As a GRE score user, you may also be interested in promoting your recruitment events — for FREE — via the official GRE General Test social communities. Simply submit your event information at least 45 days prior to your event date, and we'll take it from there!

Official GRE Advisor Kit

The official GRE Advisor Kit is a one-stop place where you can view, download and print important information about the GRE tests for sharing with students, including everything they need to know about test registration, preparation, sending scores and more.

GRE Test Preparation Workshops for Campus Educators

These workshops provide in-depth information about the GRE® General Test to attendees so they can serve as resources at their college or university in organizing and presenting on-site GRE test preparation workshops.

Note: GRE Test Preparation Workshops are only offered in the United States.

ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice Voucher Service

ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice is a web-based tool that helps prospective test takers sharpen their writing skills and prepare for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE General Test. The ScoreItNow! Voucher Service allows sponsors to purchase bulk quantities of ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice Vouchers for distribution to sponsored examinees preparing to take the GRE General Test.

Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service

This classroom-based, instructor-led service gives students valuable writing practice on authentic GRE Analytical Writing topics and provides both students and instructors with holistic evaluations of students' writing skills and diagnostic feedback, instantly. The service can be purchased through a subscription or through your college bookstore.

GRE Fee Reduction Program

ETS offers a limited number of GRE Fee Reduction Certificates on a first-come, first-served basis to college seniors, unenrolled college graduates and unemployed individuals who meet eligibility requirements as well as certain national programs in the United States.

GRE Fee Guarantee Service

ETS offers Fee Guarantee vouchers for organizations that wish to pay GRE test fees on behalf of sponsored test takers.

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Business Schools: Raise Your Visibility

And be sure highly qualified GRE test takers know that YOU accept GRE scores.

Advise Students for GRE Success

Access the free, official GRE Advisor Kit!

GRE Guide to the Use of Scores

A must-have for any program using GRE scores. Includes best practices, GRE score interpretation data and more.

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