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How To Send GRE® Scores After Test Day



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On-screen: [ETS®.]

On-screen: [How To Send GRE® Scores After Test Day.]

Narrator – Welcome to the 'How To Send GRE® Scores After Test Day' video. We are excited to walk you through the process of sending your scores to the programs of your choice so you can move forward on your graduate education and career path.  

You can designate that your GRE® test scores be sent to up to four graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors as part of your test fee. For the computer-delivered GRE® General Test, you will be asked to designate your free score recipients at the test center after you have viewed your Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores. For the paper-delivered GRE® General Test, you will be asked to designate your free score recipients during test registration. With the ScoreSelect® option, you can decide which test scores to send to the institutions you designate, so you can send the scores you feel show your personal best, giving you more confidence on test day.

If you wish to send scores to additional institutions or decide to send scores after test day, you may do so by ordering Additional Score Reports for a fee of US$27 per recipient.

On-screen: [ETS® GRE®. Sign In for Test Takers.]

To begin, log into your ETS® account. On the My GRE® Home page, select "Send Additional Score Reports" under Scores.

On-screen: [Test Registration. Send Additional Score Reports.]

Confirm your personal information, then select 'next'.

On-screen: [ETS® GRE®. Send Additional Score Reports. Select Score Recipients.]

Enter the name or code, for the schools or programs where you want to send your scores. You may also add the department name or leave it blank.

If you have taken multiple tests, choose the Score Select option that meets your needs: Most Recent, All or Any test administration from this screen showing your reportable history.

On-screen: [After test day, you can send score reports to additional recipients for a fee by selecting: Most Recent, All or Any. Regardless of the option you choose, you must send all three scores – Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing – from each test date you select.]

If you have taken a GRE® Subject Test, select the scores associated with the test and date you want to send. Select 'OK' then select, 'Add to Cart and Checkout'.

On-screen: [ETS® Your Shopping Cart. Test Registration and Services.]

Confirm all of your school and department information, then select 'Proceed to checkout'.

On-screen: [ETS® GRE®. Checkout – Review Before You Pay.]

If you have a voucher or promotional code, enter it at the top of the page and then select 'Apply'.  Then scroll down and select 'Pay Now'.

On the ETS® Check Out page, select your payment option from Credit or Debit card, US bank funds transfer or PayPal and select 'Continue'. Enter your payment information and select 'Buy'.

On-screen: [ETS®. Credit Card Type, Number, Month, Year, Verification.]

Wait until processing is complete. Do not refresh this screen. You'll know the order is complete when the confirmation page shows.

On-screen: [ETS® GRE®. Thank You for Your Order.]

On-screen: [Your GRE® Order Confirmation.]

Once the order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. It takes approximately five business days to process requests to send GRE® scores. If you plan to send scores and the date at which your scores are no longer reportable is approaching, allow enough time for processing or your scores may not be sent.

That's it! You are now one step closer to making your graduate-level education dreams come true!  Best of luck with your applications!  For more information visit:

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End of Video:  How To Send GRE® Scores After Test Day