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A Shorter GRE® Test:
Measuring Graduate Readiness in Half the Time

NEW: A free, timed practice test for the shorter GRE is now available. See Helping Students Prepare.

The world’s most widely used test for admission to graduate, business and other professional schools is getting better! On September 22, 2023, the GRE® General Test will be shortened from just under 4 hours to just under 2, and will report scores faster, helping candidates submit their applications sooner!

The GRE test will continue to measure the same skills and maintain the strong quality and security you expect, with valid and reliable scores for confident decision making.

Importantly, the score scales will remain the same to ensure there is no interruption for institutions in their admissions processes.

The shorter test:

  • Will measure the same skills — verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing — and feature the same question types, but with fewer questions in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections.
  • Retains one Analytical Writing essay (one will be eliminated). In a ChatGPT world, retaining the essay is essential to ensuring schools receive one authentic writing sample that was written in a secure, proctored environment — unlike the personal essay and statement of purpose, which can be heavily coached and edited by others.
  • Will replace the current GRE on September 22, 2023. There will not be an overlap timeframe during which both tests are available. Registration for the shorter GRE is open now, and appointments can be secured by choosing a test date on or after September 22, 2023.

Test overview

Beginning September 22, 2023, the test structure will be:


Section Structure Estimated Timing
Analytical Writing 1 section, 1 essay task 30 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning 2 sections, 27 questions total 47 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 2 sections, 27 questions total

41 minutes

Total Time 1 hour, 58 minutes

Helping students prepare

One free, time practice test, “POWERPREP® Online — Practice Test 1 for the Shorter GRE,” is available now. More materials specifically designed for the shorter test will be available in the coming weeks. To be notified when these materials are available, sign up for ETS Global Higher Education news.

In the meantime, as all GRE General Test question types will remain the same except for the removal of the “Analyze an Argument” task from the Analytical Writing section, you can advise students to use existing free and low-cost prep materials, which they can access on our website, and attend our free, monthly prep webinar.


Discounts on registration and retests

This summer, in celebration of our move to the shorter test, we’re offering the following discounts:

  • $60 off test registration using code GRE602023 through Sept. 20
  • $50 off a retest using code GRE502023 through Dec. 31

Please also help us promote the opportunity to students by posting this flyer (PDF) on campus billboards. Students can also find details about the discounts at

Sign up to receive updates about the shorter test and the availability of new prep materials, and receive webinar invitations about the shorter GRE. Direct students with questions to the test-taker web page about the shorter GRE.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to questions in our FAQs (PDF).

The Shorter GRE: Your Questions Answered

Join the GRE Program team for an overview of the GRE General Test changes and available resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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