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Understanding the GRE® General Test: Analytical Writing


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[00:00:00.00] Logo, ETS, GRE. The words analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning stack. Text, Understanding the GRE General Test. What's the word on analytical writing? The analytical writing assessment measures writings skills that are essential for success in any graduate discipline. It is frequently the best or 2nd best predictor of a student's GPA, asterisk, out of the three sections of the GRE General Test.

[00:00:27.77] This measure assesses a test taker's ability to:

[00:00:31.72] articulate and support complex ideas with relevant reasons and examples

[00:00:37.57] construct arguments. Arguments is circled.

[00:00:40.44] Text, Examine claims and accompanying evidence. A magnifying glass passes over examine and evidence. Text, Sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion. Control the elements of standard written English.

[00:00:54.18] One 30-minute task measures an individual's ability to: 1, construct an argument by taking a position & providing evidence that supports their views on an issue.

[00:01:04.68] Because the test is administered in a secure environment,

[00:01:10.42] programs can feel confident that test-taker writing samples are trustworthy and unedited by others,

[00:01:17.15] unlike other writing samples that applicants may submit. Two icons of a stack of documents.

[00:01:23.02] Blurry words jostle into focus. Text, This authenticity provides an even clearer picture of an applicant's potential. An essential component of the only research-based, objective measure of an applicant's critical thinking, analytical writing and reasoning skills, the GRE Analytical Writing score is an essential part of any holistic admissions process.

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