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Instructions for Users of Screen Readers

The GRE® Literature in English Practice Test, although tagged for screen reader accessibility, contains some material (such as Old English text) that a screen reader will most likely not read correctly. That material has been recorded to ensure that you will be able to hear it in the same way you would hear it if taking the actual test with the assistance of a knowledgeable reader of the subject. The recorded files are located below. They are provided as a Zip archive and as individual .mp3 files. You may find it most convenient to download the files and copy them to a device that can play them. The files have been tagged as a single album: GRE Literature in English Practice Test, with the tracks in the order in which they apply to the document and named to indicate their contents. When you reach material in the PDF document that has an accompanying recorded version, a screen reader will provide alternate text advising you of that fact.

Download All Files

For greatest convenience in moving between the practice test and the audio files while using a screen reader, playing the audio files on a separate device may be helpful in maintaining your place in the practice test pdf.

GRE Literature in English Practice Test (Zip)

Individual Files

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