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Add your unique profile to the GRE® Search Service database. Graduate and business school recruiters around the world use this database to find prospective students like you. If you match their recruitment profile, you could receive information about their programs, admission requirements — even scholarships and fellowships to help pay tuition. Best of all, it's FREE — and it's easy to sign up when you create your My GRE Account.

You are given the option of being included in the GRE Search Service when you register for a GRE® test or you can sign up anytime by following these three simple steps:

  • Create a My GRE account
  • Select the link for the GRE Search Service registration
  • Provide the requested information

When you participate in the GRE Search Service, your background information, contact information and the broad score bands in which your GRE test scores fall will be added to the GRE Search Service database. Participating schools and fellowship sponsors search for candidates who match their recruitment profile.

Participating graduate and business schools and fellowship sponsors search the database on broad GRE score bands in combination with undergraduate grade point averages (UGPA).

  • For the GRE® Subject Tests, the score bands are 90 points or greater (e.g., 600 to 690).
  • For the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures of the GRE® revised General Test, the score bands are six points or greater (e.g., 150 to 155).
  • For individuals who took the GRE® General Test prior to August 2011, the score bands are six points or greater (e.g., 150 to 155) based on estimated scores on the current Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores scales (130 to 170). The estimated scores have been calculated using a concordance table created for each measure to help compare scores from the prior 200–800 score scales to the current 130–170 score scales.
  • For the Analytical Writing measure, the score bands are a half point or greater (e.g., 4.5 to 5.0).

Information on broad score bands or individual GRE test scores will not be part of the output provided to institutions using the GRE Search Service.

Information about you that is provided to participating schools may include any of the following:

  • personal information — address, gender, ethnic background, citizenship status, telephone number and email address
  • educational/employment background — current educational status, undergraduate institution name, UGPA, undergraduate major and date of graduation, and post-graduate full-time work experience
  • educational objective — your intended field of graduate work, preference for full-time or part-time graduate study, degree objective, preferred geographic region for graduate study, preferred method of study (e.g., online, on campus) and intended date of enrollment in graduate school

Information collected by ETS for use in the GRE Search Service will be transferred to Hobsons®, the company responsible for administering the GRE Search Service as directed by ETS. By participating in the GRE Search Service, you authorize the transfer of your personal information to Hobsons for the purposes described above. Hobsons is prohibited from using your personal information for any other purposes.

If you choose to participate in the Search Service and would like to unsubscribe at a later date, you may do so at any time by contacting GRE Service.

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