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Create a My GRE® Account so that you can:

  • Register for a GRE test
  • Sign up for the free GRE® Search Service
  • View scores
  • View, change or cancel your registration
  • Order Additional Score Reports
  • View and print admission tickets (for paper-delivered tests only)

Note: If you already have an account for the TOEFL® or The Praxis Series® programs, you can enter that user name and password as a returning user for your My GRE account.

To Create an Account

  • You can create an account at any time. The name you use when you create your account will also be the name used when you register for a GRE test. Therefore, it must exactly match (excluding accents, apostrophes and spaces) the name on the identification (ID) documents that you will present on the day of your GRE test. If it does not, you may be prohibited from taking the test or your test scores may be canceled after you take the test.
  • Be sure to provide your entire first (given) name (excluding accents, apostrophes and spaces). Do not register under a nickname and do not register with only an initial as your first name.
  • You must supply your entire last (family/surname) name. If you have a two-part last name, be sure to supply your complete last name as it appears on the ID documents (excluding accents, apostrophes and spaces) that you will present on the day of the test. For example, a last name of Fernandez de Córdova would be entered as FernandezdeCordova.
  • If you do not have a last or surname, enter your Given Name as your first name and again as your last or surname.

First Time Use of Your My GRE Account

To view scores online, request Additional Score Reports or view/print admission tickets for paper-delivered tests for the first time after creating your My GRE Account, you will need to provide the following additional information.

  • test appointment (computer-delivered tests only), or registration number, web registration confirmation number
  • corresponding test date
  • email address, undergraduate institution code number or paper-based test center code number (paper-delivered tests only)

Once you provide this information and are correctly matched in the system, you will not have to provide it again. You will be able to sign back in with just your user name and password.

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