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Getting into business law


Admissions Resources

Earning an advanced degree starts with getting in

Explore your postgraduate options and see how the GRE® General Test can help.


Getting Into Graduate, Business or Law School

Research graduate school programs well ahead of time to narrow down the list to which you will apply. Consider rankings, location, program size and reputation. Then be sure to devote plenty of effort to perfecting each aspect of your application.

  • School Application and Essay — Don’t underestimate its importance. Focus while you complete it.
  • Financial Aid Application — Don’t forget this one. Every bit will help.
  • Personal Statement — Spend time thinking about and drafting a memorable statement specific to each program.
  • Letters of Recommendation — Seek out professors, colleagues or clients who can give you the strongest recommendations.
  • Interview — This can be in person with an individual or in a group discussion, or sometimes via video conference call. Be sure to know which to expect, prepare adequately and practice ahead of time.
  • Transcripts — Work to maintain a strong GPA, and if you have some challenges on your transcript, be prepared to address them directly in your interview.
  • Test Scores — Prepare well and put the features of the GRE General Test to work for you.